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Auto Shows: shoe trend: In addition to black boots, boots in this winter color are announced

This sneaker icon from the 90s was the trend shoe of the Berlin Fashion Week

 This sneaker icon from the 90s was the trend shoe of the Berlin Fashion Week © PR This sneaker icon was the trend shoe of the Berlin Fashion Week PR The Designer William Fan is known for its shows of the Superlative and regularly invites the Berlin Fashion Crowd to the most unusual places to present his new collections. This year he showed his creations for spring/summer 2023 in the underground of the Potsdam train station in the club "The Tunnel" and catapulted the fashion audience directly to the 1990s.

on the proverbial quiet soles you can really not be on the road in autumn and winter . At least outside, puddles, leaves and at some point the snow make a silent running impossible. So if soft soles excrete for the cold season, we simply switch to white soles (Höhö)! They not only sound similar, but also look incredibly stylish.

Schuh-Trend: Stiefel müssen im Herbst/Winter 2022 diese Farbe haben Getty Images © Getty Images shoe trend: Boots must have this color in autumn/winter 2022 Getty Images

, in particular, have the boots , which also have a bright shaft in addition to a white sole. They are now making the otherwise popular boots in black and mutating into the shoe trend in autumn and winter 2022 .

Winter trend: Instead of black, this color for boots in autumn/winter 2022 hip

Our winter favorite are these white boots of H&M . They now make serious competition to the black models and also fit everything. Here you get them (still)!

instead of leather boots! These buffer shoes from H&M are in autumn/winter 2022 trend

 instead of leather boots! These buffer shoes from H&M are in autumn/winter 2022 trend © Getty Images Trend 2022: These sneakers from H&M are the perfect boot alternative getty when you start to carry several thick knit socks on top of each other or asks yourself Whether you can also put pocket warmers in your shoes has definitely come for winter shoes. The most reliable are of course Boots made of leather, which protect the material from the fact that the cold rises to your knees.

In contrast to the shoe trends in black , the boots look less chunky and bulky. The bright boots also look great with with a smaller body size . While the bright boots were particularly popular in recent years, which reminded of the 70s with block sales and an otherwise fairly simple silhouette of the typical boots, in autumn/winter 2022 chunky boots are announced with coarse sole.

The remind you purely optically of rubber boots, but with a long shaft made of leather or leather look look much more elegant and fancier than the workwear boots. Because the professional sole is usually made of rubber, the boots are still comfortable to wear, hold and protecting the foot from wind and weather.

How do you combine the white boots in winter 2022?

So that the styling of the boots looks as harmonious as possible, you should also grab the rest of the outfit for lighter and rather laid colors . In the material mix, embroidery trousers or dresses look great with the shoe trend. Read more

: under favorite for the winter of 2022? These bright boots from H&M

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jeans are out! In the winter of 2022, we can and do not want to do without this elegant fashion trend from H&M in winter 2022. Such as timeless classics. At this point we are not talking about basics like an .
Jeans - this is replaced in the Winter 2022 by a no less fashionable alternative. H&M shows: Elegant fabric pants are the fashionable answer to the question of an jeans alternative . And best of all: the new trend pants for the winter 2022 are currently available at H&M. © H&M by jeans! According to H&M, this trend of pants trend becomes the most important fashion trend in the winter of 2022. More on this in the following.

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