Auto Shows: Back from the 80s: Lure Disco Curling As a Frisuren trend 2022, for party atmosphere

Ciao Bella! As a hairstyle trend in 2022, the Italian Bob extends the summer feeling in autumn

 Ciao Bella! As a hairstyle trend in 2022, the Italian Bob extends the summer feeling in autumn in the summer of 2022 we couldn't get enough of the Butterfly Haircut and Sachel Cut . And there were already some highlights at the BOB hairstyles this year: from the Hartthrob-Bob from the 90s to the Box Bob to the Baby Wave Bob , the selection of new hairstyle trends was gigantic . A new bob haircut, which we are now taking in autumn 2022, is the Italian Bob, which causes storms of enthusiasm on the network and is now known as the best bob hairstyle of all time.

The time has come: The Party season 2022 is just around the corner. What do we mean? The days around Christmas and New Year's Eve on which there are enough occasions to really accelerate when styling and not only get the most sparkling clothes out of the closet, but also to try new hairstyle trends . This season is particularly popular? Extravagant Disco lure that look ultra-glamorous, spread a good mood and make your wearer the focus of every room.

Bella-Hadid-Locken-Tom Ford Imaxtree © Imaxtree Bella-Hadid-Locken-Tom Ford Imaxtree Lure: This trend hairstyle 2022 turns your wearer a real dancingqueen

, of course, whoever likes it classically, you use the festive season for velvety hair loops or rhinestone Single Hair Clips . But if you want to go all over and take a real party hairstyle, you recommend disco curls. In the 1980s, they had already experienced a hype, then forgotten, but are now back. Best example? The autumn/winter show 2022/23 by Tom Ford, in which Gigi and Bella Hadid ran over the catwalk with such voluminous curly heads that was immediately rumored by the return of the continuous wave.

brave and unusual: This trend haircut splits the mind

 brave and unusual: This trend haircut splits the mind This new trend haircut is not something for everyone, but with its extraordinary cut, but conjures up an exciting, unique hairstyle © Getty Images brave and unusual: This trend haircut splits The minds of Getty Images from the Wolf Cut to Octopus Hair to Butterfly cut -this year, hairstyles inspired by animals can simply be seen everywhere.

Disco-Locken-Frisuren-Trend-2022 Imaxtree © ImaxTree Disco Locken-Färend-2022 IMAXTREE Disco-Locken-Frisuren-Trend-2022 Imaxtree © IMAXTRE Disco Locken-Fäsur-Trend-2022 IMAXTREE Disco Curls: This is how the curly hairstyle for the 2022

season needs an permanent wave It is not for the new trend hairstyle 2022, but it is true that Disco Curls mean a certain styling effort for all those who are not naturally blessed with a lure splendor. Please do not let this stop - it can certainly increase the anticipation of taking a little more time. You can find out how you can get the glamorous curls below.

1st step

for disco curls is required, logically, voluminous curls. However, the way to them can vary. Silk Calvaries , which stay in the hair overnight, represent the most gentle variant because they work without heat. Alternatively, disco curls can also be screwed in with heated curlers or a curling iron. After washing into the still damp hair, knead a curly -shaped foam and then take strand for strand.

2nd step

If silk curlers or heating winders have been used, they must be carefully removed from the dry hair. Important: After that, never brush your hair, but only loosen up with your fingers. Slightly toup on individual strands on the base for extra volume.


the finished disco lure with hairspray and, for a shiny finish, spray with gloss spray in the last step.

bye, beige! The trend color for autumn 2022 is called butter - and so it is worn .
as lubricated: butter yellow is the new trend color for autumn and winter 2022/23 , which in a minimalist way looks elegant and luxurious, but appears a lot fresher as beige , the noble evergreen among the fashion colors. You can find out how to style the fashion trend and where there are the most beautiful pieces for shopping.

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