Auto Shows: before Fed protocol: Dax steps on Frankfurt's stock exchange in the middle of the week on the spot

-based optimism on Frankfurt Stock Exchange: Dax grapes on 13,500 mark

-based optimism on Frankfurt Stock Exchange: Dax grapes on 13,500 mark on the German stock market are easy plus signs on Tuesday. © provided by yasuyoshi chiba/afp/getty images The DAX opened Tuesday trading by 0.36 percent higher at 13,450.39 points and then moved slightly higher. The leading index currently gains 0.53 percent to 13,473.07 units. of its youngest deep since July, the stock market barometer had recently recovered by over 6 percent. Especially in the past two trading sessions, the DAX dynamically climbed back over the 50-day line.

On Wednesday the DAX can hardly get off the spot.

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The DAX launched Wednesday in Frankfurt by 0.11 percent higher at 14,438.20 points. The leading index then commutes around the zero line in a narrow range - currently with a plus 0.04 percent at 14,428.38 points.

Investors recently simply concentrated on positive aspects such as good results of some retailers and other signals on a possible slowdown of the interest reel of the US Federal Reserve, according to the experts of the Commerzbank with a view to the strong Wall Street. Covid development in China with rapidly increasing number of cases is not left out of their eyes. In view of the "Thanksgiving" holiday on Thursday in the USA, the data calendar at the middle of the week is particularly well filled.

Börse Frankfurt: DAX slips on red terrain

 Börse Frankfurt: DAX slips on red terrain The DAX seems to stop his attempt to stabilize on Thursday. © provided by Mario Vedder/Getty Images with a slight increase of 0.09 percent to 13,040.36 points, the DAX started in the Thursday session. The stock barometer also presented itself a little higher afterwards, but only until noon. In the meantime, the Dax loses 0.20 percent on 13,001.99 points on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange. shocked by the High US Inflation , the DAX was recently sagged by up to 4.5 percent in two days f

Börsians are waiting for Fed protocol

in the evening (CET) the central bank Fed publishes the logs of its latest consultations. However, investors should enjoy indications of more careful interest increases with caution, warned the analysts of the ING Bank. Because the latest statements by some leading US Federal Reserve did not indicate that another large interest rate was excluded by 0.75 percentage points.

Corporate mood better than expected

In addition, the corporate mood in the euro area in November has lightened up slightly, but at a low level. The shopping manager index from S&P Global rose by 0.5 points to 47.8 points for the previous month, as the market researchers announced on Wednesday in London. Analysts, on the other hand, expected an average decline to 47.0 points. With less than 50 points, the key figure still points to a shrinking euro economy. S & P chris Wiliamson is currently expecting 0.2 percent for the final quarter 2022.

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