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Auto Shows: ADAC criticizes consumer-unfriendly e-cars

How to Buy a New Car in Today’s Challenging Market

  How to Buy a New Car in Today’s Challenging Market The new-car shortage may slow this year, but prices remain high and availability limitedBy Benjamin PrestonEver so slowly, new-car dealers are starting to show a few more vehicles on their lots. And because of a variety of factors—inflation, high fuel prices, a year’s worth of new-car scarcity—demand for cars has begun to cool off a bit. But new-car availability is still near record lows, and those who find themselves in the position of having to buy a new car are often paying thousands over the manufacturer’s suggested retail price. Consumer Reports is no stranger to this phenomenon.

The ADAC has criticized the reform of state funding for electric cars. With a view to a new funding guideline, ADAC technology president Karsten Schulze said that the federal government had given the chance to make the funding more consumer-friendly. Car buyers should already receive the amount of the funding when ordering a vehicle.

Laut ADAC gibt es bei der E-Auto-Prämie nun einen Haken: Die Antragstellung ist nur für Fahrzeuge möglich, deren Zulassung bereits erfolgt ist. © Julian Stratenschulte/dpa/symbol image According to ADAC, the e-car premium now has a catch: Application is only possible for vehicles whose approval has already been made.

The reform of the funding was already known. A application is only possible for vehicles, the approval of which has already been made, as can be seen from the guideline. In the course of the reform, subsidies for plug-in hybrid vehicles expire at the end of this year. Buyers of pure electric cars will receive less support from the state from the coming year. From September 1, 2023, the funding is limited to private individuals - companies will then go away empty -handed.

How to Buy a Used Car

  How to Buy a Used Car Our tips and expert picks will help you find a reliable pre-owned vehicle at a price you can affordBy Benjamin PrestonUsed-car prices have soared this year, and according to market analysts, they ’re likely to remain high for a while. The reasons are complicated. In short, a global microchip shortage has meant that automakers can’t build new cars fast enough to meet demand. Fewer new cars for sale has increased demand for used cars, pushing prices up more than 40 percent above normal levels this past summer.

No niche product

The ADAC criticized, German manufacturers offer hardly cheap vehicles and base models from the offer. "Electromobility will only be successful if everyone is accessible and does not remain a niche product for high -earners," said Schulze. «According to our impression, vehicles are currently overpriced. Manufacturers are asked to meet customers significantly more and thus also compensate for falling funding. » The risk of delivery that is no longer timely before the turn of the year is high. "Car buyers run the risk of no longer receiving full funding if the vehicle can only be approved in the new year."

At the beginning of the year, many cars are on the road .
After a few quieter days, the highways will be fuller again after New Year's Eve. On the weekend (December 30th to January 1st) the holidays end in six federal states: Berlin, Brandenburg, Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, Rhineland-Palatinate, Saxony and Thuringia. © dpa-infographic/dpa-tmn It becomes fully on the streets: after the turn of the year, many have to end their vacation and drive home.

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