Auto Shows: Stellantis forced to store cars on an abandoned aerodrome in Sochaux

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Le parking de l'usine de Sochaux est rempli de véhicules à cause d'une congestion du transport. © supplied by Tribune The parking lot of the Sochaux factory is filled with vehicles due to congestion of transport.

The congestion of world transport continues. The Stellantis factory in Sochaux (Doubs) is, in fact, forced to store part of the new vehicles which it has built on a disused site. Waiting for shipping, they are led by factory employees to Lure-Malbouhans aerodrome, located more than 40 kilometers from the factory, said management to AFP.

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This former military site with an area of ​​242 hectares has been inactive since 1997 and belongs to the Departmental Council of Haute-Saône since 2005. A place which does not seem very suitable for storing cars at first glance but which benefits from "reinforced security" set up by the group.

More and more cars in Germany

 More and more cars in Germany in Germany are there more and more cars despite the effort to turn a traffic. The Federal Statistical Office counted 580 passenger cars each 1,000 inhabitants in 2021. In the past ten years, the car density has increased continuously, the Wiesbaden authority said. In 2011 there were 517 cars each 1000 inhabitants. © Hannes P. Albert/dpa compared to the 27 EU countries, Germany is in 8th place in the states with the highest car density.

A factory spokeswoman explained to AFP that this decision was taken "to accelerate their distribution in the local markets. Local dealers also come and seek vehicles directly on the Sochaux site, to ensure shipments.

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in question: the congestion of parking lots of the Sochaux factory due to too low number of vehicle departures linked to the shortage of drivers in Europe. According to a survey by the International Union of Road Transporters (IRU) dating from June 2022, in Europe, the rate of drivers of drivers who were not filled from 7% to 10% between 2020 and 2021. In 2022, IRU envisages Even a 40% increase in the number of positions not provided in Eurasia and Europe.

Used cars have depreciated slightly—when to expect the car market to be normal again

  Used cars have depreciated slightly—when to expect the car market to be normal again Automotive analysts predict new vehicle prices will remain elevated — and possibly continue to rise — while used-car prices may moderate slowly.Don’t expect car prices to drop significantly anytime soon.

European manufacturers also face "congestion of ports and instability of transport by rail", according to the management of Stellantis Sochaux.

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The Sochaux factory is particularly impacted, because it is located on a hub. Rennes and Trnava vehicles in Slovakia, for example, are repatriated to Sochaux before being shipped.

Finally, the Sochaux site suffers from a recasting of vehicle shipping logistics organized by the manufacturer. Carlos Tavares, the director general of Stellantis decided that the group would call on various players to take care of the transport of vehicles when the company, Gefco, was the only one to take care of it before.

A factory that produces faster than it exports

"We manage this day-to-day situation, as with semiconductors . The teams are mobilized seven days a week to find the best solutions and improve the distribution time, ”said the factory management to AFP.

because, if logistics is difficult, the production of the factory remains strong. Management claims that orders are going well "thanks to the successes of our vehicles. "The Stellantis Center in Sochaux has invested in a new mounting chain which already allows them to produce 1,100 vehicles per day and which should soon make it possible to build 1,200 per day according to Stellantis which observed" a very good operational return " According to the site spokesperson. A strong production that pushes management to find solutions to store its vehicles while waiting for a relief from the logistics chain.

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