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Auto Shows: Winter Trend 2022: This bag looks like from the designer-but does not cost 18 euros!

This sneaker icon from the 90s was the trend shoe of the Berlin Fashion Week

 This sneaker icon from the 90s was the trend shoe of the Berlin Fashion Week © PR This sneaker icon was the trend shoe of the Berlin Fashion Week PR The Designer William Fan is known for its shows of the Superlative and regularly invites the Berlin Fashion Crowd to the most unusual places to present his new collections. This year he showed his creations for spring/summer 2023 in the underground of the Potsdam train station in the club "The Tunnel" and catapulted the fashion audience directly to the 1990s.

approaches at the end of the month and you have to pay attention to your finances? We feel you! The fashion brands are just doing their best again, praise their latest trends, curl with offers and scream of all channels: "Here are the new fashion trends for the winter 2022 that you need U-N-B-e-N-N-G-T!" We can get weak.

Lieben wir: Die Hourglass-Bag von Balenciaga Getty Images © Getty Images We love: The Hourglass Bag of Balenciaga Getty

If you simply cannot resist, we advise you to look for the trend-piece that not only look super good (and definitely belong in every winter outfit ) and at the same time protect the wallet. Example pleasant? Then prefer to sit down. Because in the current winter range of C&A we discovered an winter trend that looks like a real designer piece, but does not cost 18 euros. Bought!

instead of black! Boots in this color are 2022 fashion trend in the winter (there are s.Oliver)

 instead of black! Boots in this color are 2022 fashion trend in the winter (there are s.Oliver) © Getty Images instead of black! Boots in this color are in the winter of 2022 fashion trend Getty Images of course there is Evergreens in our wardrobe that we do not want to do without. But if it becomes gray and grain in the autumn and winter , we look forward to variety. An example: Of course we love black boots and the simplicity with which you can be combined. But it doesn't always mean that a good mood result jumps out in the end.

We love this C&A bag, because the winter trend looks like Balenciaga

Na, does also seem familiar to you the C&A bag? No wonder, because the IT piece is reminiscent of design and color of the absolutely trend bag of the hour, the small "Hourglass" from the designer brand Balenciaga . This is ensured by the curve-shaped flap with a magnetic closure and golden detail, the black, finely rodened leather (imitation) and the combination of handle and carrier straps.

In contrast to the Balenciaga bag-and at this point our wallet can breathe in-the Winter Trend from C&A for 2022 costs less than 2200 euros, but just 17.99 euros.

correctly combined, the cheap winter trend 2022 from C&A looks even more expensive!

The similarity between the designer model from Balenciaga and the bag from C&A is really amazing. But the noble look can even be reinforced. For this you should combine the Mini Bag in the winter of 2022 in the Balenciaga style . What that means? To ensure that the cheap winter trend looks after designer-piece, we combine it into oversized cuts, shiny materials (such as pointed boots made of patent leather) and bright colors.

With such a stylish end result (and that for less than 18 euros), a tiny exception can also be made despite the shopping break!

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jeans are out! In the winter of 2022, we can and do not want to do without this elegant fashion trend from H&M in winter 2022. Such as timeless classics. At this point we are not talking about basics like an .
Jeans - this is replaced in the Winter 2022 by a no less fashionable alternative. H&M shows: Elegant fabric pants are the fashionable answer to the question of an jeans alternative . And best of all: the new trend pants for the winter 2022 are currently available at H&M. © H&M by jeans! According to H&M, this trend of pants trend becomes the most important fashion trend in the winter of 2022. More on this in the following.

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