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Auto Shows: Emily Ratajkowski swears on this cool rock trend, which is perfect for the winter of 2022

barrel jeans instead of mom jeans: The jeans trend 2022 with the exciting silhouette is now available at H&M

 barrel jeans instead of mom jeans: The jeans trend 2022 with the exciting silhouette is now available at H&M . That accompany us for long. If you then still look cool and modern, you even have the potential with a real must-have. In autumn 2022 this applies in particular to barrel jeans, which now replace mom jeans . © PR HM-Barrel-Jeans-Herbst-2022 PR With its exciting, conical silhouette, barrel jeans-seen during the fashion Weeks both on the catwalks and on street style stars-to an absolutely everyday and at the same time Edgy Jeans trend in autumn 2022.

Emily Ratajkowski swears on this cool rock trend

  Emily Ratajkowski schwört auf DIESEN coolen Rocktrend, der perfekt für den Winter 2022 ist © Getty Images; Collage: Condé Nast Germany

The Winter is already in full swing, but for Emily Ratajkowski , the falling temperatures are no reason to do without your favorite warm-weather part: the Rock . As? When styling the trendy piece, the model swears by a very crucial detail. For a winter walk with your dog Colombo, Emily Ratajkowski is reaching for a beautiful Rock in Maxil length on November 25, 2022 - one of the largest trends of the winter 2022 .

& Emily Ratajkowskis Look is full of Twists

we leave it fashion professional Emily Ratajkowski to deliver an absolute look at frosty walk. In order to keep warm on the streets of New York (largely), the model relies on one of the largest trends in winter 2022: the Maxirock. Your black low-rise specimen combines Emily Ratajkowski for a short hoodie and a yellow jacket in crop style. Thanks to black Chucks and small sunglasses, the casual look of the 31-year-old is almost littered with great twists and contrasts. Emily Ratajkowski's street style inspo is never boring.

instead of boots: Charlize Theron combines this shoe trend in autumn/winter 2022 to the Rock

 instead of boots: Charlize Theron combines this shoe trend in autumn/winter 2022 to the Rock from her time as a young ballet dancer in South Africa, Europe and at the Joffrey Ballet in New York, Charlize Theron will know one thing above all: feet can be hellish pains. © Getty Images Schuh-Trend: Instead of boots, Charlize Theron trows the Rock Getty Images , maybe that's why the 46-year-old for autumn/winter 2022 swears on flat shoes , which are not only super comfortable, but also the Too short skirts look fantastic.

& 28112022-emily-ratajkowski-bic-fashion © Getty Images 28112022-EMILY-RATAJKOWI-BIC-BIC-BIC-BIC-BIC-FASHION Emily Ratajkowski: That is why your Maxirock is perfect for the winter 2022

Why we can't wait to retrieve Emily Ratajkowski's favorite part in winter 2022? Maxirocks are currently not only trendy, but are also extremely practical due to their length for the cold season . The additional fabric of the skirt keeps the legs much warmer than its counterpart in mini length and also offers plenty of invisible space for a warming thermoscorn trunk. And if the abdominal-free styling choice à la Emily Ratajkowski is too cold, then at particularly low temperatures, the XXL sweater and an winter jacket are easily used. The minimalist Maxirock can also be combined with really everything - it couldn't be better.

Hairstyle Trend from Runway: Chanel brings this hair accessory back from the 90s

 Hairstyle Trend from Runway: Chanel brings this hair accessory back from the 90s monochrome looks, slip dresses and classic tweed costumes in pastel colors-Chanel won the Vibes with his collection of collection for spring/summer 2023 in Paris the 1990s. In keeping with the looks, which sprayed the nonchalant elegance of this era, the models wore a hair accessory from the 1990s. As a hairstyle trend, the Barrette-Spange celebrates a comeback on the Khanel catwalk. Of course, we use this uncomplicated hair accessory in autumn 2022.

& 25112022-strickpullover-mit-motiv © Getty Images 25112022-knitted sweater with motif

fashion professionals are certain: knitting sweaters are worn in winter 2022 with this twist

sweater trend

You love cozy knitting sweaters? Then this trend, which is conquering the fashion world in the storm, is perfect for you

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25112022-lernen-in-heels-zu-laufen © Getty Images 25112022-Learning-in-Heels-to-running

You finally want to run on high shoes? We have 8 tricks for the perfect walk on high heels

high-heel tricks

pumps, stiletto boots, sandals, mules: high shoes make bigger, magic extra-long legs and an elegant gait-if you know how to walk in them. How to learn a safe walk in high heels, we'll tell you

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25112022-emma-chamberlain © Getty Images 25112022-Emma-Chamberlain

Emma Chamberlain wears this supposed fashion no-go-and proves that the well-known "style -Didel "is totally out of date

Styling Inspo

Internet star Emma Chamberlain with her Instagram post proves that fashionable regulations belong to the past. See your Look

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jeans are out! In the winter of 2022, we can and do not want to do without this elegant fashion trend from H&M in winter 2022. Such as timeless classics. At this point we are not talking about basics like an .
Jeans - this is replaced in the Winter 2022 by a no less fashionable alternative. H&M shows: Elegant fabric pants are the fashionable answer to the question of an jeans alternative . And best of all: the new trend pants for the winter 2022 are currently available at H&M. © H&M by jeans! According to H&M, this trend of pants trend becomes the most important fashion trend in the winter of 2022. More on this in the following.

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