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Auto Shows: Energy Lockdown: This neighbor in Germany is planning driving bans for e-cars

More and more cars in Germany

 More and more cars in Germany in Germany are there more and more cars despite the effort to turn a traffic. The Federal Statistical Office counted 580 passenger cars each 1,000 inhabitants in 2021. In the past ten years, the car density has increased continuously, the Wiesbaden authority said. In 2011 there were 517 cars each 1000 inhabitants. © Hannes P. Albert/dpa compared to the 27 EU countries, Germany is in 8th place in the states with the highest car density.

in summer, Switzerland produces electricity and nuclear energy electricity and exports the surpluses to the neighbors. In winter, on the other hand, the Land depends 70 percent of imports on electricity from abroad. If the trading partners France and Germany are less supplied with due to their own defects and energy devism this winter, this could become a problem for Switzerland.

  Energie-Lockdown: Dieser Nachbar Deutschlands plant Fahrverbote für E-Autos © provided by Berliner Zeitung

, the country is facing the blackout in advance with a "Ordinance on Restrictions and Prohibition of Use of Electrical Energy". Their draft of November 23 gives insights into the plans that would be done in Switzerland against a feared blackout.

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The measures are based on serious restrictions on private electricity consumption and provide four escalation levels - forbidden from low to far -reaching. For now, private households are likely to operate their washing machines with a maximum water temperature of 40 degrees and all refrigerators and freezer compartments should not be cooled below six degrees. Whirlpools, saunas or massage chairs would be completely prohibited in the private sector.

In the second stage, the discos and clubs would have to almost completely do without the heating and the streaming services such as Netflix limit the resolution of their offers to standard definition. The use of screens for advertising purposes would also be completely prohibited.

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With an even higher escalation level, the shop opening times would have to be reduced by up to two hours a day and the rooms would be heated to 18 degrees at most. The private use of electric cars would only be permitted for mandatory journeys, such as for professional practice, purchases or visits to the doctor. Operation of DVD and Blu-ray devices and game consoles as well as streaming services for entertainment purposes would then be completely prohibited.

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In addition, the speed limit on Swiss motorways could be reduced from 120 to 100 km/h regardless of the escalation level. The measures designed by the Federal Council go into consultation by December 12, 2022 and could be implemented if necessary.

While the Swiss authorities seriously consider driving restrictions on electric cars when it comes to a lack of energy, many drivers in Germany seem to have discovered the electric car as an energy storage for their apartment. The so -called bidirectional shop is possible via an adapter, i.e. if the car can also hand over to external consumer electricity for at least three days.

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The car lovers tell , for example, how to lay a cable from the car park to the meter room and have a prescribed network output switch installed by an electrical company according to the electricity meter of the energy supplier. This is intended to exclude, for example, that electricity flows back into the public network, and the costs are kept lower than with an emergency generator. The wall boxes such as V2H (Vehicle to Home, from Auto to House), V2G (Vehicle to Grid, from the car to the general power grid) or V2L (Vehicle to Load, Auto for charging, for example from mobile devices or e-bikes) get more attention .

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