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Auto Shows: Hanging on the coast, Mission almost impossible for the local population

United States: The US Navy deploys USS Gerald Ford, its first aircraft carrier of new generation

 United States: The US Navy deploys USS Gerald Ford, its first aircraft carrier of new generation The ship, which can weigh more than 100,000 tonnes while reaching a speed of 54 km/h, is not However not yet ready to fight © AFP The USS Gerald Ford, when he left Norfolk, October 4, 2022. Armament - The ship, which can weigh more than 100,000 tonnes while reaching a speed of 54 km/ H, however, is not yet ready to fight The United States will have spent no less than $ 13 billion for this boat. The US Navy deployed its first new generation aircraft carrier on Tuesday, USS Gerald Ford.

  Se loger sur le littoral, mission presque impossible pour la population locale © AFP/Archives

"p ersonne has not seen anything coming ... From the covid, the coast has become a holiday resort for old wealthy" , launches Marie Gaker, 41 -year -old "peasant", a resident of the village of Nostang, near Lorient (Morbihan).

Strengthen by her lessor to release the T3 that she has been renting for fifteen years, this solo mother is angry "against the + boomers + and Airbnb". After nine months of research, she found "only a mobile home at 650 euros monthly".

"From the COVVID, the prices have soared, people throw themselves on coastal habitat like scavengers and buy on photos", testifies the nurseryman, who also notes "speculation on coastal agricultural land".

Rio-Paris crash. "The most difficult dossier I have to deal with," says survey director

 Rio-Paris crash. © Infographic Ouest-France The Air France AF 447 flight connecting Rio to Paris was damaged in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean During the night of May 31 to June 1, 2009. Air France and Airbus were tried in Paris for manslaughter after the accident of June 1, 2009, which left 228 dead. The director of investigation was heard by the court on Tuesday, October 11.

In Saint-Malo (Ille-et-Vilaine), Sébastien, a 28-year-old social worker, had to come back to live in his parents, who live about thirty kilometers, for lack of affordable housing in the corsair city. "A studio is 500-600 euros and we are made to sign the new +Mobility +leases, which can go up to 10 months, asking us to leave the premises for the Route du Rhum", gets carried away young man.

Interviewed, the National Real Estate Federation (FNAIM) found a price increase of 24.2% between May 2020 and April 2022 in 480 seaside resorts, against 14.6% for the whole of France.

Search for space, nature and escape ... "From the covid, the second home market has gone, raising by porosity that of the main residences", analyzes Jean-Marc Torrollion, president of the FNAIM.

Togo: Launch of the third edition of the “local consumption”

 Togo: Launch of the third edition of the “local consumption” © AFP - - A woman sells her local products on the Adidogomé Assiyeye market in Lomé, capital of Togo. (Drawing). Since Friday, October 14, the third edition of the "local consumption" was launched. For a month, it will be a question of raising awareness and calling for consumers to give more importance to local products, and this particularly in the food industry.

At the same time, "local demand has remained supported, especially in the Basque Country where strong natural demographic pressure has not been anticipated by elected officials", he continues, evoking an "explosive" equation. In Normandy, prices even went from +5.2% before the crisis at +30.6% after.

When the residences are not only secondary, "the little Parisians again fill the schools", notes Pierre Lemée, notary near Deauville (Calvados).

But most of the time, these massive population arrivals "relegate tens of kilometers in the hinterland" the employees who work on the coast, he admits.


so far limited to the southern facade, land pressure now gains the Atlantic coasts and arouses the mobilization of dozens of collectives.

"We have workers who sleep in their car", cowardly Txetx Etcheverry, representative of the Basque Alda association, which receives "80 to 90 files per week" of support requests.

Report. In Congo, a power plant in the heart of the battlefield between army and rebels

 Report. In Congo, a power plant in the heart of the battlefield between army and rebels © A. Fouchard. Technicians are busy repairing an engine, in the Matebe power station with largely insufficient capacities. In the heart of the famous Virunga park, east of the Congo, the site is in the open battlefield between the DRC army and the M23 rebels. To meet the growing needs of electricity in the northeast of the Democratic Republic of Congo , the National Park of Virunga builds a hydroelectric power station.

In La Rochelle, the town hall has just banned tourist furnishings of less than 35 m2 so as not to penalize student accommodation. "Since the Covid, it has become a speculation market, but one cannot discriminate the one who arrives in the department," sighs Pascale Leyon, real estate agent.

For the geographer Gérard-François Dumont, the situation is not new but worsens. "Since the 1990s, there has been a phenomenon of + litturbanization + and heliotropism with transfers of the populations of metropolises to the seaside deemed more pleasant," he explains. More recently, the opening of TGV links to the west, then the covid and the development of telework accelerated the process.

"In Brittany, 53% of arrivals are over 60 and 80% go on the coastlines, where they destabilize the real estate market because of their strongest purchasing power", abounds the geographer Yves Lebahy, who describes the coastline like a "huge retirement home".

Corsica, which combines high poverty rate, very strong migratory balance and secondary residences three times more numerous than on the continent, records the same phenomenon linked to the COVID. For the past year, criminal fires mainly aimed at "continental" secondary residences have multiplied there.

"We are witnessing a + northern coast + of the coast which leads to the eviction of the popular classes and a feeling of dispossession", observes the geographer Christophe Guilluy, who evokes a new "Atlantic Wall" in his essay "The dispossessed".

In mid-November, the government has seized the subject by launching a working group.

Among the solutions claimed, Gaël Roblin, a member of a Costarmorican collective, advocates "a classification of the Breton coast in a tense zone, which would make it possible to supervise the rents and to surcharge secondary residences".

The association of elected officials of the coast (Anel) requests to "delete the legal and fiscal niches which promote seasonal rental", or even to reserve areas "dedicated to permanent housing" in urban planning documents.

10/12/2022 10:23:27-Paris (AFP)-© 2022 AFP

Heritage lotto: more than 25 million euros paid to the Patrimoine .
Heritage Foundation as every year, the State pays taxes taken from Heritage Games to restore historic sites across France. © supplied by Franceinfo a new envelope for old stones. An endowment of more than 25 million euros will be allocated to the Heritage Foundation at the end of the 5th edition of the Loto du Patrimoine, the Ministry of Public Accounts announced Thursday in a press release.

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