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Auto Shows: After these trend hairstyles 2023, when visiting the hairdressing salons, the most asked

Hairstyle Trend from Runway: Chanel brings this hair accessory back from the 90s

 Hairstyle Trend from Runway: Chanel brings this hair accessory back from the 90s monochrome looks, slip dresses and classic tweed costumes in pastel colors-Chanel won the Vibes with his collection of collection for spring/summer 2023 in Paris the 1990s. In keeping with the looks, which sprayed the nonchalant elegance of this era, the models wore a hair accessory from the 1990s. As a hairstyle trend, the Barrette-Spange celebrates a comeback on the Khanel catwalk. Of course, we use this uncomplicated hair accessory in autumn 2022.

When we look at the hairstyle trends 2023 , we discover many new and creative ideas, styling and coloring our hair. The top models and celebrities in the world are already wearing the extraordinary looks in Hollywood .

Diese schlichten Trendfrisuren 2023 sind beim Friseur am beliebtesten Getty Images © Getty Images These simple trend hairstyles 2023 are the most popular Getty Images

at the hairdresser in their own small town counts more than trend awareness . When visiting the hairdressing salon, we usually choose the classic cut instead of the trend hairstyle from the women's magazines. Well, who does it happen?

After these trend hairstyles in 2023, when visiting the hairdressing salons,

is actually asked. We asked the hairstylists which trend hairstyles 2023 will actually be the order of the day. They are haircuts and hairstyles that are suitable for everyday use. No big experiments are dared to do. Rather, the well -known cut is refined and modernized.

Dynamic Couture is the romantic update for the hairstyle trend 2022 around the Italian Bob

 Dynamic Couture is the romantic update for the hairstyle trend 2022 around the Italian Bob We can agree that it is the trend hairstyle 2022 : The Italian Bob is as popular as no other short hairstyle . The bob with hidden steps in the neck, just below the chin, is as versatile and versatile as long hair, but in need of care as an short hairstyle . In autumn 2022 , this hairstyle trend now gets an styling update : the Italian Bob is now wearing the Dynamic Couture . In the following we reveal what the new trend hairstyle is all about and how you can style it at home.

According to professional, we say goodbye to , for example, in 2023 and wear more long hairstyles again. So we say "bye bob!" And naturally love falling hair with gentle natural waves.

We also say goodbye to

blatant color changes in 2023. Even blame nuances such as white blonde or wheat blonde are no longer in demand when visiting the hairdresser. People want more naturalness , which is also much more easy to care for, because the approach does not grow out so quickly. Instead of complete bleaching, baby lights and Shadow Lights will be in demand. We love!

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