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Auto Shows: high sick leave: Almost ten percent of the clinic staff fall from

Gas: A decline in gas filling was a transmission error

 Gas: A decline in gas filling was a transmission error © provided by Handelsblatt in Elsfleth in Lower Saxony, gas is saved. Photo: Dpadata portal copyright = On Friday the federal government celebrated the reaching of the 95 percent mark as an “important milestone”. At the weekend, the level was short again below 90 percent. But it was just a registration error. On Sunday, the Association of European Gas Infrastructure Operators (Gie) corrected the error on its website. He then returned the level of the German gas stores with 95.28 percent.

in particular children's hospitals are currently under pressure because staff falls out and many patients have to be cared for. An association therefore demands pragmatic solutions.

Die Personalsituation an Krankenhäusern ist derzeit teils sehr schlecht. Grund dafür ist ein hoher Krankenstand. © Annette Riedl/dpa (Symbolbild) © Annette Riedl/dpa (symbol image) The personnel situation at hospitals is currently very bad. The reason for this is a high sick leave. © Annette Riedl/dpa (symbol image)

Berlin. High personnel failures, many patients with respiratory diseases as well as delivery bottlenecks in medication are currently being troubled by clinics. "We are now likely to be with the personnel in the event of a failure of nine to ten percent, that is, almost one in ten employees is ill," said the CEO of the German Hospital Society (DKG), Gerald Gaß, the German Press Agency. That is 30 to 40 percent more failures than in this season.

Auto Industrie: EU car market only slowly gets the lack of electronics chips significantly restricted to

 Auto Industrie: EU car market only slowly gets the lack of electronics chips significantly restricted to © in new car registrations. Photo: Dpadata portal copyright = Especially Volkswagen, Mercedes and Porsche booked more new registrations in September. Nevertheless, the figures in 2022 remain significantly below those in the previous year. The car market in the EU remains a difficult terrain for manufacturers. In September there was an increase in new car registrations by 9.6 percent to 787,870 vehicles and thus the second plus in a row, as the European manufacturer Association ACEA announced on

Many employees are affected by the infectious diseases, which otherwise also provided high number of patients. In addition to Corona, the flu and children RS viruses are currently causing many diseases nationwide.

The personnel situation is thin anyway, said Gaß. "This means that beds are currently blocked in a number of hospitals or entire stations have to be deregistered. We must not treat if we fall below personnel borders." The children's clinics are particularly affected because many nursing staff worked with additional training there. "It is not so easy to use employees from an adult station on the children's ward."

In this situation there is no easy solution. "A set screw would be the relief of bureaucracy and the documentation obligations. The Minister of Health should go again and give the hospitals scope," said Gaß. "One should now consistently say that the nursing staff only have to document the most necessary thing, which is important for patient treatment and can otherwise concentrate on care."

black and green in NRW-majority against 49-euro ticket

 black and green in NRW-majority against 49-euro ticket The black and green coalition in NRW under CDU Prime Minister Hendrik Wüst is a good five months after the state election in North Rhine-Westphalia. The mood in the most populous federal state has deteriorated significantly due to the Ukraine War and the energy crisis. The planned 49 euro ticket does not want to use a clear two-thirds majority in NRW.

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Pharmacists' Association: Unnecessary bureaucracy due to the health insurance

The DKG boss also spoke out to suspend the person subordinate borders. "In such a situation, it is reasonable to leave the responsibility to the hospitals again, where they may also be able to organize good care with a little fewer staff."

clinics and medical practices also complain about bottlenecks in a number of medication. The President of the Federal Medical Association, Klaus Reinhardt, therefore called on the population to help each other with the medicine pharmacy. "Now only solidarity helps. If you are healthy, you have to hand in the in stock drugs. We need something like flea markets for medication in the neighborhood," he told the Tagesspiegel.

significantly less cargo in Russian ports

 significantly less cargo in Russian ports The handling of goods in Russian ports has been clearly broken down according to the Kiel Institute for the World Economy (IFW). The port of St. Petersburg, formerly largest container port in Russia and an important conversion point for trade in Europe, reached less than ten percent of the previous year in October, as the IFW announced on Monday. © IGOR Russak/dpa container in the port of St. Petersburg. The Black Sea port Novorossijsk also recorded a decline of around 50 percent.

The Federal Association of German Pharmacists' Associations (ABDA) complained of unnecessary bureaucracy. "Of course, an individually produced fever juice in the pharmacy costs more and the health insurance companies do not reimburse this if it is not prescribed on the recipe. The doctor cannot know that there will be no fever juice in the pharmacy," said Gabriele Overwiening of the Germans Press agency. This creates a completely unnecessary bureaucracy because of the health insurance companies.

In her opinion, it would make sense that pharmacies could decide when to produce the remedy themselves. Another problem is the additional effort, said Overwiening. Because: "We must not do that in advance." (dpa)

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Energy consumption has fallen to the lowest level since 1990 .
The energy consumption in Germany falls to the lowest level since reunification in 1990. Compared to the previous year, consumption will decrease by 4.7 percent to 11,829 petajoules. The Energy Silances Association reported in Berlin on Tuesday. © Patrick Pleul/dpa Wassersteam increases from the cooling towers of the lignite power plant in Jänschwalde from Lausitz Energie Bergbau AG (LEAG). - Lignite has increased in primary energy consumption.

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