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Auto Shows: Gladiator 2 - After 23 years, filming begins!

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 © Justin Tallis / AFP Archives Alan Rickman, performer of Severus Rogue in "Harry Potter", April 13, 2015 in London. Alan Rickman, the interpreter of Professor Severus Rogue in the "Harry Potter" saga, said his experience in a personal newspaper in the 1990s-2000, when he was making films. Extracts were released on Saturday September 24, 2022, upstream of the publication of a book that will be released next October. Severus Rogue is one of the legendary characters of Harry Potter .

2000 was created "Gladiator" directed by the British film director and film producer Ridley Scott. This is one of the most renowned and influential directors in the film industry today. The monumental film, which was awarded five Oscars, recorded an incredible $ 457 million worldwide. In Germany, the film pulled around 3.4 million people in front of the cinema screens.

Gladiator Gladiator

one is clear: the continuation of "Gladiator" becomes spectacular and the bar is extremely high! In 2021 Ridley Scott already announced the planning for the sequel of the cult film. In the spring of 2023, filming for "Gladiator 2" should finally begin, according to the World of Reel . 23 years after the film, the filming for the sequel finally begins.

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 Netflix starts its own SISI film with “ Die Empress ”. The story around Empress Elisabeth captivates many fans. In the Interview with, the actors reveal exclusive details of the filming of Empress Elisabeth, Emperor Franz and Hofdame Leontine. © Netflix "The Empress " The Empress ": Preparation of filming before filming for " The Empress " were able to get to know each other personally. Together with the acting coach Giles Foreman, they tried the scenes.

Gladiator 2: What's next?

Currently there are a lot of information about what will happen in the continuation of "Gladiator". However, official confirmations are still pending.

The continuation of "Gladiator" should be classified 25 years later than part 1. That speculates different sources. There is also a guess that Lucilla (Connie Nielsen) will be part of "Gladiator 2".

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The start of filming 2023 has not yet been officially confirmed. That is why we cannot yet enter the theatrical release of "Gladiator 2" in the schedule. However, if it should be the case that filming begins in spring 2023, the cinema release would be conceivable at the earliest at the earliest at the end of 2024 .


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