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Auto Shows: An aromatic bomb for the Bollinger

Stiftung Warentest Creates the best chips: Many popular brands fall through

 Stiftung Warentest Creates the best chips: Many popular brands fall through If you only want to cost, you usually have lost. Because potato chips have addiction factor. But the combination of crispy pleasure, fat and carbohydrates is not quite as irresistible, as the Stiftung Warentest found out. © provided by Berliner Zeitung for the current "Test" (issue 11/2022) for potato chips passes the testers the desire to nibble when the chips taste like rancid fat, brandy and bitter or collect minus points with pollutant.

  Une bombe aromatique pour le champagne Bollinger © François Bouchon / Le Figaro

champagne at the bottom of the room in length, a gigantic red on white neon displays the color: Choco. Chisho as "hot in front". Chisho as antithesis in Chichi. But also Chisho as a facetious wink at the Dada movement. In reference to these artists and writers from the beginning of the 20th century, Thomas Chisolm, 29, claims impertinence and irreverence. Normal. The young Perpignan-Newyork chef was trained in Fine Arts in the United States before switching to gastronomy. He was also the favorite of viewers of "Top Chef" season 12. He likes, as we understood, shake up the codes. Yesterday, today, tomorrow, spicy or umami, canteen table or sofas, freshness of vegetables just picked up in the morning in the vegetable garden or homemade preserves, game, hip-hop or electro, oils, condiments, fermented products. It walks, it improvises, it wakes up, it is shared. And that's good.

The Cuvées favorites of Cyril Lignac

 The Cuvées favorites of Cyril Lignac Small Wines to drink with friends or Grands Crus to keep preciously before tasting them, all the bottles have the right of the chief who entrusts us with his favorites. © Xavier Imbert Wine is the other great passion for Cyril Lignac , which began to learn tasting years ago with chef Jean-François Plage, a great amateur too.

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This is exactly what Charles-Armand de Belenet appreciates. “The creative dimension, the presentation, we feel that it abounds in all directions. This is what we like, this renewal, "laughs the managing director of Maison Bollinger. "As we reinvent champagne with the plot, you reinvent cooking," he said to the winner of "Top Chef". And the director of Bollinger to make the parallel between this revival of the kitchen and the undeniable renewed interest in Champagne. A passion born during confinement. “People have started cooking. They rediscovered that champagne was a wine as such, to put on the table to accompany a meal. A wine that we share, from which we discover all the facets of taste, varieties, terroirs, vintages. Thus from the PN Tх- $ cuvée, complex wine, 100% Pinot Noir, whose organoleptic qualities reflect the specificities of the rate of rate, the main vintage of its assembly.

Somalia: at least 100 dead in car bomb attacks

 Somalia: at least 100 dead in car bomb attacks Somalie-Explosions: Somalia: at least 100 dead in car bomb attacks © Reuters/Abdihalim Bashir of smoke rises after the explosion From a car trapped in Mogadiscio MOGADISCIO (Reuters) - at least 100 people were killed and 300 others injured on Saturday after the explosions of two cars trapped near the Somali Education Ministry in Mogadishu, President Hassan announced Sunday Cheikh Mohamed.

"We want the product when it is at the top"

an accuracy that echoes the uncompromising microsaisonality claimed by Thomas Chisolm: "We want the product when it is at the top. For us, peas lasts four weeks. No more ". Likewise as to work in the vine for a champagne. "We work like crazy all year round, but it is nature that dictates his law. Like the cook that adapts to the producer, the winemaker adapts to the grapes. If it is very hot, we favor northern plots. The more clay-limestone soils of rate produce rich and round wines. Followed south in Aÿ, they are more opulent. It's tailor-made. About, 70% of our work is based on sourcing. »Charles-Armand de Belenet insists. “On each barrel, we register the name of the village and the chalk plot. And we have 1 million reserve magnums set to age for ten years. Our secret boot during assemblies: an aromatic bomb. Thomas Chisolm to bounce back. An aromatic bomb? He also uses it. In jars stored along the walls as in a library, it keeps vegetables and condiments which it has put to ferment. Depending on the seasons, he uses them to wake up a dish, push a flavor. No need to push anything today. The sweetness of the Padron peppers, simply fried with beech wood, goes perfectly with the implacable purity of the Bollinger PN Cuvée.

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The Divine Wooden Cross Day 2019 by M. Chapoutier .
© Le Figaro Vin / SDP all the music I love. Tonight, Johnny by Laeticia on television on M6. To remember the night with rocker tunes, let's light the fire with a castle-Neuf-du-Pape Croix de Bois Rouge by M. Chapoutier 2019 . A wine still very young, but which dazzles in the mouth by its refinement of texture and its touch. Powerful and deep with a marvel of chocolate tannin that caresses the finish in the sense of freshness.

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