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Auto Shows: from Paris to Arkansas, the small and large stories of four fabulous treasures

Car flights: Nine people indicted in Paris, including six incarcerated

 Car flights: Nine people indicted in Paris, including six incarcerated © David Ademas / Ouest-France This vast blow of net was made by more than 200 gendarmes in Paris, Marseille, Lyon and Lille. Illustration photo. Thirty-one people, suspected of belonging to a criminal sector facilitating the flights of cars, was arrested on Monday throughout France. This Saturday, nine suspects were indicted in Paris, including six incarcerated.

Les trésors dont nous retraçons l’histoire dans cette série de Noël recèlent de l’or, de l’argent, des pierres précieuses ou encore des photographies exceptionnelles. © Aurélien Rosset The treasures whose history we retrieve in this Christmas series conceal gold, silver, precious stones or exceptional photographs.

Have you ever dreamed of finding a treasure? To transform yourself into a golden researcher? In this Christmas holiday period, we suggest you travel in time and space through a four -part series on the history of hidden wealth. From Louis d'Or hidden in a Parisian building with diamonds that a Arkansas park conceals, including exceptional photographs discovered in a secret attic and 600,000 pieces found in the wreckage of a Spanish ship.

collected and often carefully hidden, treasures have always fascinated. Whether it is gold, silver, precious objects, titles or even stones, these riches are a challenge to the passage of time and the mark of an era that everyone discovers at the time of their unveiling . In this Christmas holiday period, we invite you to go on treasure hunt. For a quest in four episodes where the breath of the epic, the small and large stories of the discoverers of fortune and the extraordinary character of the hidden goods will be mixed.

suspected of having drugged a collaborator, the ex-boss of the Montaigne Institute at Tribunal

 suspected of having drugged a collaborator, the ex-boss of the Montaigne Institute at Tribunal © Philippe Renault / Ouest-France The former director of the Montaigne Institute Laurent Bigorgne is tried this Thursday, November 10, 2022 at the Paris Criminal Court. near Emmanuel Macron, the former director of the Montaigne Institute, Laurent Bigorgne, appears this Thursday, November 10, 2022 before the Paris Criminal Court. He is suspected of having drugged without his knowledge a woman with whom he worked.

Recit. Louis d'Or and Testaments: The fabulous story of the treasure of rue Mouffetard

Ma Cos’e Questo? In May 1938, Italian workers discovered several thousand gold coins in the wall of a demolition building in Paris. Thus begins the story of one of the most fabulous treasures ever discovered in France, the treasure on rue Mouffetard. Intrigued and perhaps a little embarrassed to have embarked on the discovery, Flaminio Morès, the worker with a magic pick, goes to a jeweler in the neighborhood. The expert does not believe his eyes. They are authentic louis d´Or struck under Louis XV. A number of them are wrapped in old lights in lights. Testaments! Historically, it's extraordinary. On the legal level, this is another matter. The attribution of the treasure that fell from the wall will take several years. Sabine Bourgey, a numismatist whose grandfather Émile produced the expertise of the treasure, returns to this "exciting story" .

Trial of the Rio-Paris crash: Air France is "not guilty", maintains its representative

 Trial of the Rio-Paris crash: Air France is © Thomas Samson of the civil parties arrive in court for the trial of the Rio-Paris flight crash 2009, October 10, 2022 In Paris "not guilty". The representative of Air France maintained Thursday before the Paris Criminal Court that the company had not committed a fault having led to the crash of the Rio-Paris flight in 2009, while refusing to charge the pilots and its co-convenue Airbus.

Récit. Hidden by a false ceiling, the secret attic received a fabulous photographic treasure (Tuesday December 27)

David Whitcomb sometimes wonders if it is him that this story has arrived. In December 2020, the American lawyer discovered a secret attic under the roof of the house he had just acquired in Geneva, in the United States. Among the treasures he kept, old equipment and photographic portraits unique in the world of feminist figures. "This type of discovery only arrives once in a life; when he arrives ! , he testifies. As a history and antiquity aman, it was an extraordinary experience. »

Récit. Under the seas, the invaluable treasure of a Spanish ship sunk by a British ball (Wednesday December 28)

in May 2007, the American company Odyssey Marine, part in search of the wreckage of the HMS Sussex, announces having made a considerable discovery. An engulfed ship, which is not yet clearly identified, delivered the largest monetary treasure ever discovered under the seas. The value of the onlays made up of 600,000 gold and silver pieces is estimated at $ 500 million. Odyssey Marine Rapatrie Le Botin in Florida where his head office is located and tries to legally recognize his rights over the Treasury. But everything is not going to go as planned. Because after examining the file, American justice recognizes that the unidentified boat is a Spanish frigate having sunk on October 5, 1804, during the battle of Cap Sainte-Marie…

GRDF: A strike in Paris disrupts the activity, customers without heating or hot water

 GRDF: A strike in Paris disrupts the activity, customers without heating or hot water © Alain Pitton / Nurphoto / Nurphoto via AFP A social movement "strongly" disrupts "the activity of the GRDF gas distributor, mainly in Paris and in Île-de-France. Some households are currently deprived of heating and hot water. The CGT, the first union of the company, rejected an agreement on wages dating from November 18.

story. In the United States, it's up to you to look for diamonds in the magic crater ”(Thursday, December 29)

Treasure hunters, we invite you to embark for Arkansas. While walking at the Crater of Diamonds, on September 7, 2020, a 33 -year -old American, Kevin Kinard, made a fairly sensational discovery. What he first took for a piece of glass was actually a diamond of more than nine carats, of an estimated value at around 250,000 dollars, according to some media. And he kept it. Because this is the rule in this American park, unique in the world. Each year, the Crater of Diamonds welcomes thousands of visitors. Buying an entry ticket for the park is a bit like buying a lottery ticket with, in addition, the feeling of walking in the footsteps of the prospectors of yesteryear. The ticket is $ 10 for adults and $ 6 for children from 6 to 12 years old. The chances of falling on rare stone are of course not guaranteed but they exist.

Responses of rents in Paris: the town hall muscle its game, but will it be enough? .
© Amaury Cornu / Hans Lucas / Hans Lucas via AFP Ian Brossat, deputy mayor in charge of housing in Paris, promises to hunt bad owners. This is a scandalous situation to which no one has ever remedied. In Paris, almost one in three rental would continue not to comply with the law on the supervision of rents, set up in 2015, then definitively since 2019. To remedy it, the town hall promises to tighten the screw. From January 1, the city will have the power to control respect for the ceilings.

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