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Auto Shows: weapons ban on New Year's Eve in Frankfurt train stations

Acute Risk for Real Estate Bubble in Frankfurt and Munich

 Acute Risk for Real Estate Bubble in Frankfurt and Munich Frankfurt and Munich have the highest risk of a real estate bubble worldwide. According to the major Swiss bank UBS, the financial center on the Main is in second place to Toronto. The housing market is also heavily overheated in Munich. According to a study, the city lies in fourth place among all 25 cities examined, just to Zurich. © Sebastian Gollnow/dpa It is built - here in the European Quarter in Frankfurt am Main.

in several Frankfurt train stations and on certain sections of the route in the city area are prohibited at the turn of the year. The federal police said that there should be no guns and shotguns, cutting, shock, shock and stab weapons as well as knives and dangerous objects of all kinds on Tuesday.

Der Frankfurter Hauptbahnhof am frühen Morgen. © Frank Rumpenhorst/dpa/Frank Rumpenhorst/dpa/archive image The Frankfurter Central Station in the early morning.

The ban applies from Saturday (December 31) from 12 p.m. to Sunday (1st) at 9:00 a.m. It includes the main train station, the Höchst, south, taunus, main guard and constable guard, including the trains running in these sections, including the S-Bahn lines in the inner city area.

The Federal Police expects more rail travelers to expect more rail travelers in Frankfurt compared to the two previous years. Experience has shown that people under the influence of alcohol also occur after banal disputes. Weapons used can therefore pose a special danger. In the event of violations, in addition to procedures according to the weapons law, compulsory money, dismissal, house bans or future exclusions from rail traffic threaten.

fashion trend 2022: Black New Year's Eve looks become super noble-according to Model Lily Aldridge .
star chefs combine different flavors and consistencies in their dishes. Sweet meets salty, crispy on creamy. Because this unexpected mixture makes dishes interesting and ensures a taste explosion on the tongue. What does the star kitchen have to do with fashion? Quite a lot! Because even in the fashion world you have to get creative and create style breaks to earn a star. © Getty Images Model Lily Aldridge shows how a New Year's look is combined in black and stylish.

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