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Auto Shows: DAX is not very moving in Wednesday trading - impulless trade on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange

Acute Risk for Real Estate Bubble in Frankfurt and Munich

 Acute Risk for Real Estate Bubble in Frankfurt and Munich Frankfurt and Munich have the highest risk of a real estate bubble worldwide. According to the major Swiss bank UBS, the financial center on the Main is in second place to Toronto. The housing market is also heavily overheated in Munich. According to a study, the city lies in fourth place among all 25 cities examined, just to Zurich. © Sebastian Gollnow/dpa It is built - here in the European Quarter in Frankfurt am Main.

The middle of the Frankfurt stock exchange parquet.

INDRANIL MUKHERJEE/AFP/Getty Images © provided by Indranil Mukherjee/AFP/Getty Images

of the DAX on Wednesday, 0.13 percent was more firmer at 14,013.72 points. Most recently, the stock market barometer wrote 0.14 percent more firmly at 14,014.45 points and thus climbs just over the round of 14,000-point mark.

calm trade

on the stock exchange lacks impulses between the years. Many investors are on vacation in the last week of the year. Important economic data and corporate messages are also not on the agenda. Data from the US real estate market are only published in the afternoon, but this should hardly cause significant impulses.

Further recovery to Frankfurt Stock Exchange: DAX skipped 12,800 mark

 Further recovery to Frankfurt Stock Exchange: DAX skipped 12,800 mark On Tuesday, the German stock market increases again. © provided by Spencer Platt/Getty Images After the start of the week, the German stock trade continues on Tuesday. The DAX started the trading day 1.1 percent higher at 12,788.53 points. He currently gains 1.2 percent to 12,800.23 points. He has been heading to his 50-day line at the highest level for four weeks at currently 12,867 points. It is considered a indicator for the medium -term trend.

damper for China hopes

CMC markets analyst Jochen Stanzl explained the return of skepticism to the middle of the week by the China hopes from the previous day. Because: A reopening of the world's second largest economy and a subsequent quick recreation goes hand in hand with the fear of longer interest , with which the central banks would have to counteract this upswing. Because a quick upswing could increase the inflation risks again.

Infineon share in the focus of the focus could be on the shares of the chip manufacturer

Infineon after an interview with CEO Jochen Hanebeck in the "Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung". According to Hanebeck, Infineon is ready for larger takeovers worth several billion euros. "In addition to the strategic aspect, every supplement must also fit us culturally and make financial sense," said the manager at the same time.

Start in Frankfurt: Passengers complain about the condition of machine .
smart lynx for Condor Start in Frankfurt: passengers complain about the condition of machine © t - Online recently used Condor for flights to the Dominican Republic of Airline Smart Lynx. After the first trips, the guests are not satisfied. After a flight from Frankfurt Airport to Punta Cana to the Dominican Republic, numerous passengers complained about the machine of the Latvian Airline Smart Lynx, newly used by Condor on this route.

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