Auto Shows: When you combine them so, Crocs become the properly stylish shoe trend

Katie Holmes: Your favorite trend boots for 2021 are vegan classics

 Katie Holmes: Your favorite trend boots for 2021 are vegan classics Whether with a leather jacket and the monochrome styling , an elegant wrap coat and blue jeans or wide leg pants and blazer: Katie Holmes has long since found her versatile all-rounder when it comes to shoes . For the actress and style icon, a simple black pair of ankle boots is the solution for various looks - the best: the model is vegan and therefore suitable for a sustainable and cruelty-free lifestyle at the same time.

Why love the fashion world so? Because even the craziest and unusual pieces can become trend. Pieces, which were an absolute no-go before a few months ago, may be seen tomorrow the trend par excellence and on the fashion crowd. Of course, this does not only apply to clothing, but also for Accessories .

Schuh-Trend für den Sommer: So tragen wir jetzt Crocs instagram/karodall © Instagram / Karodall Shoe trend for the summer: So we are now wearing Crocs Instagram / Karodall

Especially with a shoe, this phenomenon has noticed us in recent times: not just stars and asterisks love them, and more and more influencers You up and down. Which shoe trend we speak? From crocs !

Crocs are the most comfortable and coolest shoe trend for the summer

Yes, you have read correctly: Crocs are the coolest shoe trend in the summer of 2021, which you can wear. Where does the trend come from? Especially from the stars from Hollywood: Whether Justin Bieber, Ariana Grande or Pharrel Williams - all were already spotted in the casual crocs. But even more influencers on Instagram show up in Crocs.

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no wonder that makes comfortable shoes with their bright colors just good mood. Add to that, of course, the coziness factor. Because since Corona Fashion Trends are supposed to be one: comfortable! After months in slippers and sneakers, no one is really ready to change back to high heels, right? The Crazy Crocs are just located.

With this styling, Crocs to the shoe trend in the summer

Nevertheless, the opinions on Crocs are still far apart. The one you find super casual, for the others you are a real no-go. One thing is definitely safe: with Crocs you fall immediately. The rubber shoes remind with their design a bit of trendy clogs. Only the crocs are much more comfortable and gaudy. They are an shoe trend that should make fun and looks something special.

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looks at the Fashion Crowd, especially on that the looks are more colorful and bright. Clean and simple outfits have this pause here. The Danish Influencin Karoline Dall shows how to combine crocs. She chooses her colorful models colorful and patterned looks. Sounds wildly wild, but looks great stylish and casual in the overall picture. Through colorful looks, the crocs are not too focused and underline the outfit rather. With Jeans and a white T-shirt colorful crocs are of course the center. So if you do not have a couple in the cupboard, you should change that. We show you three looks below, as you wear your crocs in summer stylish.

This shoe trend is almost always out of print: Now are the Fisherman Sandals of Arket Back .
Are you also the largest fans of the Fisherman Sandals of Arket ? We love the shoe trend that looks really identical as the luxury version of The Row, but with 150 euros just a sixth of the original costs. Unfortunately, the shoes were really sold out almost all summer. © Getty Images Shoe Trend: The Fisherman Sandals of Arket are back - strike Getty Images The good: The Swedish fashion chain Arket sets with its concept for recurring trends instead of entertaining hypes.

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