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Auto Shows: Shoe Trend: So nicely combine French sandals This summer

About the Elegant Comeback of Ballerinas as Shoe Trend in Spring 2021

 About the Elegant Comeback of Ballerinas as Shoe Trend in Spring 2021 on the DaBen Combat Boots and Klumpigen Dad Sneakers of the past seasons follows the yearning for an shoe trend , which is exactly the opposite: light-footed And elegant. The new season brings exactly that with the revival of the Ballerinas . "Spring is always the season of the new beginning, more than ever this year," says Aeyde. "After a long and difficult winter, we welcome the new mood with confidence." Thus, the label from Berlin describes the new summer collection - it fits above all exce

French women know not only the most elegant and at the same time cool trends, they also know them in scene. Finally, a part can look so great - only in a clever station wagon it is correct.

Sandalen: So kombinieren die Französinnen den Schuh-Trend jetzt Getty Images © Getty Images Sandals: So the French women now combine the shoe trend now Getty Images

Since we currently need all a bit of air at the toes, sandals are our go-to- shoe trend . But how do the Fashion -Influencers from France style We have found the four more fullsteats ...

Styling-Inspo: How to combine French Summer Shoe Trend Sandals This Year 1. Shoe Trend Combination: Mules for Short Floral Dress

A pretty flower dress is also part of this summer In the wardrobe of the French! The perfect counterpart: Chic Mules like the Emmanuelle Koffi. The same the playful mini dress out nice and let the look romantic, but adult.

When you combine them so, Crocs become the properly stylish shoe trend

 When you combine them so, Crocs become the properly stylish shoe trend Why love the fashion world so? Because even the craziest and unusual pieces can become trend. Pieces, which were an absolute no-go before a few months ago, may be seen tomorrow the trend par excellence and on the fashion crowd. Of course, this does not only apply to clothing, but also for Accessories .

Here you can find the look of Emmanuelle Nachstylene:

Video: 3 times Henze - fresh and delicious (cable 1)

2. Shoe trend combination: Plateau sandals to the mini skirt

plateau did not cover in summer. Therefore, sandals and flip flops get a chunky sole and a few inches extra. To emphasize the shoe trend, Stylt Influencin Camille Charge is a black mini skirt . So that the outfit is not too gloomy, an orange top gives the necessary color pauser.

You can download the look of Camille here: 3. Shoe Trend Combination: Strappy Sandals to Karokresse

Do not worry: Strappy Sandal S are still hot in the French women. Instead of combining them for close mini dress, the contrast may be quiet this summer: Influencin Ellie makes this with a midic dress with Vichy pattern - also called farming carto. The dress gets a cool country flair, which makes the look with the sexy shoe trend rather varied.

Ellies Look Can You Nachstylen Here: 4. Shoe Trend Combination: Flip Flops To Knit Set

Knit In Summer? Works outstanding - as set from Crop Top and Shorts . But to make the look really summery, it needs a shoe trend with Beach Vibes: Flip Flops. Model Hanna Lhoumeau stays with its Havaianas at the restrained beige and creates a fancy, but casual outfit. Small but fine detail: The pretty Minibag by Jacquemus!

Style Hannas Look here to:

because of BRAV! School Shoes are the Hippest Shoe Trend in Autumn 2021 .
© Getty Images Shoe Trend: School Shoes we notice ourselves as a trend for autumn in front of Getty Images In the fall, we are not back in the classroom for us For that you can now feel a bit like a schoolgirl in the new fashion trends of the season. Because: School Shoes are already the coolest shoe trend for the fall, which is reminiscent of the uniform look of an elite school (Gossip Girl greeting!).

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