Auto Shows: Trend color green: so style the influencer * inside the sound in autumn 2021

Transitional Jackets: These models are this autumn in trend

 Transitional Jackets: These models are this autumn in trend transitional jackets are a must-have in autumn. With them we are prepared for any weather conditions and every sudden weather exchange. Five models are fully in trend in 2021. We introduce them to you. © Shutterstock / GaretsWorkshop Transitional Jackets are available in countless variants. Logical! But with which model are you in the autumn 2021 in the trend? Quite simply - we brought you five trendy models.

"Green, green, green are all my clothes. Green, green, green is all I have." What the first lines of a well-known children's song are , could also go through as a motto for the new season. Because in the fall of 2021 Fashion professionals carry the color of hope up and down.

Trendfarbe Grün: So stylen die Influencer*innen den Ton im Herbst 2021 Getty Images © Getty Images Trend color green: so style the influencers in the autumn 2021 Getty Images Fashion Trend: Green becomes the trend color in the fall 2021

green we have already discovered in the summer with the fashion labels, but also in the fall of 2021 the trend color is announced. In our Instagram feed and on the road we have already many in the last few days Green looks spotted and agree that this color has real Streetstyle potential. Because the special thing about the new season is that the already known quiet green tones now also with shining mixing.

because of BRAV! School Shoes are the Hippest Shoe Trend in Autumn 2021

 because of BRAV! School Shoes are the Hippest Shoe Trend in Autumn 2021 © Getty Images Shoe Trend: School Shoes we notice ourselves as a trend for autumn in front of Getty Images In the fall, we are not back in the classroom for us For that you can now feel a bit like a schoolgirl in the new fashion trends of the season. Because: School Shoes are already the coolest shoe trend for the fall, which is reminiscent of the uniform look of an elite school (Gossip Girl greeting!).

styling-t IPP : Whoever wants to slowly approach the color palette, primarily attacks gentle tones like sage or mint. Brigen we advise to a loud bottle green or a bright lime tone that make the outfit a real eye-catcher. How exactly the professionals combine the trend color in autumn 2021, we will tell you now.

So Styling Influencer * Inside the trend color in autumn 2021 Trend color green in autumn 2021 Styling: 1. The All-Over-Green Look

Skandi Influencin Josefine Vogt Makes how cool the trend color can be styled. It combines skillfully gentle green tones with strong, bright nuances with darker - and creates such a real eye-catcher look. The All-Over Green Outfit combines a black shoulderbag; subtle jewelry in gold and an pearl necklace (by the way The accessory in late summer) complete the styling.

Like the warm trend color orange now on the autumn 2021,

 Like the warm trend color orange now on the autumn 2021, considers between passionate red and summer yellow: Orange is the perfect trend color for the fall. If one goes after the color, orange is associated with joie de vivre, courage and elans - and also indicates a fresh start. Accordingly, Orange was already an important trend this summer; In the fall of 2021, it is continued in different nuances, which even worn Allover. © Imaxtree Trend Color Orange: Jil Sander Imaxtree The trend color in autumn 2021: Orange for the new season in courag

Trend Color Green in Autumn 2021 Styling: 2. The Tone In Tone Look

Monochrome -Looks we usually know only in black, beige or white. The fact that we are allowed to reach quietly to strong colors, Micaéla proves us with her playful look in Lime. What we like here: Through the crochet Fischerhut , the outfit trendy 90s -vibes gets.

Styling Tip : In order not to steal the show to the green, hold back with the Accessories : a filigree chain and a matching ring in gold round off the look without overloading it.

trend color green in autumn 2021 Styling: 3. The outgoing look

WOW, WOW, WOW! Who would have thought that green can be so sexy? To dive the Hotten look of Janka Polliani, you may be brave and grabbing a bright green tone. To keep the focus on the green piece, your remaining parts should be held either in the same sound or neutral color. You may then like to put a highlight on your feet again - just like the Influencer it suits it with your heels in red.

Trend color green in autumn 2021 Styling: 4. The sporting everyday look

Only green will you get boring in the long run? Then like Model Emilia Silberg let green and blue meet. The absolute go-to-kombi made of black Jeansshorts , top and shirt gets a real style update. Brown sandals and a large shopperbag give the look an additional serving of casualness. Nice!

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