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in Vs. Out: Which sandals in the summer 2021 are trend - & which no longer

 in Vs. Out: Which sandals in the summer 2021 are trend - & which no longer in the iconic earwig and top hit of the 60s sings Nancy Sinatra that their boots were made to run around in them. "Thesis Boots Are Made for Walkin" - which is for the ankle boots, of course, also applies to numerous other shoe trends . © Getty Images in vs. out: These sandals are in the summer 2021 trend Getty Images only: In times of Corona and HomeOffice, we have neglected our numerous shoes in the cupboard. After all, we have used shoes mainly for shopping or for a walk.

late summer must-haves: these 7 cheap trend parts of mango, cos, Zara & Co. Under 60 Euro shoppt our ModerDakturin now

  Spätsommer-Must-haves: 7 günstige Trend-Teile, die unsere Moderedakteurin jetzt bei Mango, Cos, Zara & Co. shoppt © Zafer Yildirim; PR &

late summer mode should actually have their own category. In this seasonal intermediate phase, it is still too warm to unpack cardigan, sweater and Co., but some days (especially in the evening) already a bit cool and fresher. Practical so that in our favorite high-street labels there are plenty of trend parts on offer, which are ideal for the late summer and even in the fall - and also cost all under 60 euros. In shopping mood? Fine! Then our fashion designer today reveals which affordable Key Pieces

Elsa Hosk: The top model carries the perfect under-100 euro summer coat of mango - and still he is not sold out!

 Elsa Hosk: The top model carries the perfect under-100 euro summer coat of mango - and still he is not sold out! Elsa Hosk in the summer coat by Mango © Getty Images; Collage: Condé Nast Germany Elsa-Das Top Model-wearing-the-perfect-under-100 Euro summer coat-by-mango Elsa Hosk White: A summer coat is the secret star of the season. At Mango, we now find the model of our dreams, because it fulfills all the criteria that we put on a casual survey for cool summer days: he is wide cut and thus fits over any summerlooks - from clothes to jeans.

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This 7 Cheap Must Haves of High-Street Labels are at the top of my Wish list: 1. Late summer must-have: The dream jeans of Zara long I was looking for, and now finally found: My perfect Jeans

for the late summer and autumn is now at Zara and I'm shocking. Loose cut, but on the hip high waist, with super trendy hem slots and an ideal leg length. These denim pants really combine all desire aspects that were on my mental checklist. Lands immediately in the shopping cart before it is (certainly) fast out!

& 2. FQUER MUST-HAVE: The tank top in the lilac of Arket she came, saw, and won: The color lilac or purple has conquered our summer wardrobe in the storm - and who would have thought that she also thought Simple tank top can look so good? The Trend-Nuance

Carrie Bradshaw would love him! The shoe trend secure fashion professionals just at ZARA

 Carrie Bradshaw would love him! The shoe trend secure fashion professionals just at ZARA "Sometimes it's hard to put in the shoes of a single woman, so we occasionally need very special shoes - so that the heavy path makes something more fun." Yes, we vote Carrie Bradshaw in this regard fully too, but honest, for special shoes it takes no single-status this summer. Because for us, the end of Lockdown is already reason enough to invest in one of the new shoe trends of the season and to run it directly into our favorite restaurant.

as well as the key piece I wear on lane summer evenings to fabric pants, blazers and outgoing heels. In autumn, the color then pops especially to dark outfits or looks in neutral tones. In this case, just pull a black or beige cardigan over it and finish.

& 3. Late Summer Must-Have: The Slip Dress with Animal Print by Mango Slip Dress + Animal Print

? Two fashion trends 2021 with a flap! And yes: the slip dress can also be weared outstanding on cooler days and evenings. The super simple styling trick? Just wear the dress over a thin turtleneck sweater as well as with boots and jacket. If it gets colder, you combine it with pantyhose and a beautiful autumnal coat.

& 4. late summer must-have: The trench coat of H & M The trend part for the late summer par excellence is clearly the Trenchcoat

. No other coat works so well in the transitional period and to all sorts of looks. Whether casual, business outfit or elegant - the trench is and remains a must-have for all life and weather conditions. In addition, this model of H & M is a real bargain for just 60 euros!

& 5. Spätsommer-Must-Have: The party top of COS now, where you can go out a bit more, I am also looking for beautiful shells , which for the dinner with friends and long evenings are suitable for the bar terraces. This top of COS jumped directly into my eye: The cool abstract pattern is totally in the trend and becomes the eye-catcher on monochrome outfits. For this purpose, I wear a pair of statement earrings and black heels with thin straps - my Weekend is out-of-look

Trend Alarm: 12 Interior Must Haves you absolutely need in summer 2021!

 Trend Alarm: 12 Interior Must Haves you absolutely need in summer 2021! In summer we like our facility very casual and relaxed. These are bright colors, natural materials and organic silhouettes that are currently absolutely in the trend, especially good. This creates a cozy look with Boho flair that works inviting and casual. So how about a new vase of stoneware, a carpet of jute or a pillow with embroidered applications? © Getty Images & We show our twelve favorites for the summer to shop.


& 6th late summer must-have: The Bag made of straw from & other stories that straw bags

are not just something for summer vacation outfits, this model shows by & other stories: through its dark color the Bag also perfectly combine for everyday looks and autumn pieces. Plus: Your hip baguette shape makes this bag a true trend part that quickly moves to my shopping cart.

& 7. late summer must-have: The trendy sneakers from Pull & Bear so slow but surely we swap sandals, pool slides and Co. again against solid and closed footwear

. This is at the sight of this sneaker of Pull & Bear but no reason to mourning - completely on the contrary! This model has done it really because I can style it both to jeans and summer pants as well as clothes and maximiracles. The color mix of white-green-black makes me all the easier to combine the shoes with all other pieces of my wardrobe. X1 &

hairstyle trend: So we carry the hair in winter 2021 - the styling is so easy .
scrunchies remain in winter 2021 our favorite hair accessory. The pretty hair ties finally exist in a variety of designs and can thus be styled for every occasion and to each outfit. Whether the cotton scrunchie with flowers for everyday life or from velvet to the business look, scrunchies may not be missing in the hairstyle trends of the season. We find the trend hairstyle made of Scrunchie and an deep DUTT . That looks super elegant and is still easy to style.

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