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Auto Shows: Fashion Trend: This mango bag looks like the Favorite Designer Bag of the Influencer * inside

at Mango is now the hottest shoe trend of the season

 at Mango is now the hottest shoe trend of the season you are looking for information about Clogs on the Internet, then you will find an entry on Wikipedia, stating that the shoes also known under the name "Klotschen" be. © Getty Images Shoe Trend: The Clogs of Mango look great in the summer Super expensive from Getty Images admitted, a word that does not sound nice if you pronounce it loud. But one that definitely fits the summer shoes .

If an bag dangles to the arms of all influencers inside - and even over a longer period of time, we can assume it That is a pretty hot fashion trend . The current IT bag of desire? The small Croissant Bag The favorite brand of all fashion professionals: Bottega Veneta. The form of the special bag can already be derived from the name, reminiscent of the French puff pastry, which may not be missing with any Petit-Déjeuner. In contrast to the delicious croissant, however, the named-related trend pocket can not pay with a few coins.

Fashion-Trend: Diese Mango-Tasche sieht aus wie vom Designer Getty Images © Getty Images Fashion Trend: This mango bag looks like the designer Getty Images Fashion Trend: This mango bag looks like the designer

but do not worry if you are at the Stylish Bottega Bag Outfits of the Fashion crowd get appetite on the cool trend, you do not need to spend a rich 1050 euros (so much the smallest model of the collection costs). You can just like it! Because we have fashion curtails have discovered a copy at Mango that the Designer Bag actually sees to be confused.

shoe trend: These 3 sandals fit best to flower clothes

 shoe trend: These 3 sandals fit best to flower clothes we love dresses ! We could wear them all year round, but especially in summer they will be used every day. No wonder, just overlook and voilà - the look is the look. Especially flower dresses are very high on the list. Through her colorful prints, they immediately make a good mood and let it always be attracted. Due to the eye-catching patterns, you do not have to worry about the remaining styling anymore. Only the shoe selection must be covered.

That's why the mini-pocket of Mango is such a cool fashion trend

we promised too much? The Black Mini Model of Mango brings everything that requires a trendy Croissant bag. And in addition to the fact that the fashion trend is currently the most widely shown bag on Instagram, it also convinces with a second plus: its size! The bag has the perfect size so as not to store too much - but everything is essential without problems. Keys, tampons and a small wallet find space in the pocket without problems.

The remaining outfit then we would like to continue inspiring ourselves from the cool stylings of the Instagram stars. Particularly elegant works the Croissant bag for long summer dress, which we also like to take in combination with boots with in the autumn . Casual gets to Blue Denim and the White Oversized T-shirt. One thing is for sure: The bag is the highlight - small in the looks but very (!) Fine.

Croissant Bag: So the fashion professionals combine the fashion trend

and for those who already have enough black bags, there are good news! Just like the designer model, the mango bag is also in white . WE LIKE!

also in white a trend: the cool baguette bag by Mango:

fashion trend: The leather culotte of C & A moves in the winter 2021 immediately in our wardrobe an .
What have a day in the office, a wild party night and a dinner event together? You can wear a leather pants to all these occasions and is therefore perfectly attracted. Leder pants can look great with the right styling namely super chic or properly edgy. High time, so to give you the fashion trend for the winter 2021. The model of C & A leather imitation is already available for under 30 euros.

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