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Auto Shows: Nagelsmann's teachings from the Frankfurt defeat

Nagelsmann gets power carrier Back

 Nagelsmann gets power carrier Back coach Julian Nagelsmann can resort to Kingsley Coman on Kingsley Coman at the home game of Bayern Munich against Hertha BSC on Kingsley Coman. © Provided by Nagelsmann gets power carrier Back coach Julian Nagelsmann can take back on Kingsley Coman at the home game of Bayern Munich against Hertha BSC on Saturday evening (18.30 clock). "He's back, he has no more problems," he said on Friday on a press conference about the French attacker.

The first mandatory defeat has picked Julian Nagelsmann as coach of Bayern - and worked up as he says. What should change in front of the lace with the table-second Leverkusen on Sunday, the chef coach revealed on Friday.

Will hier und da noch an ein paar Stellschrauben drehen: Bayern-Trainer Julian Nagelsmann. © Imago Images / Kolbert-Press wants to turn here and there on a pair set screws: Bayern coach Julian Nagelsmann.

Bavaria's defensive behavior should start in your own possession

The Munich goes as a league leader and as a favorite in this top game on Sunday (15.30, live! At Kicker) in Leverkusen. Nevertheless, however, the record master is warned. After all, competitor Bayer plays one to date as much season. Excellent are the two teams, for which FCB speaks the better goal account (24: 7 compared to 20: 7). Because the crew of coach Nagelsmann with the exception of the opening part in Mönchengladbach (1: 1) and the last game against Frankfurt (1: 2) had been left on their offensive.

new Lazio offer for Kostic - Frankfurt has Kerk as a replacement in view

 new Lazio offer for Kostic - Frankfurt has Kerk as a replacement in view © Provided by 90min Filip Kostic wants to leave the SGE | Lars Baron / Getty Images Eintracht Frankfurt sits in the Zwickmühle. Filip Kostic wants to force his change to Lazio Rome , but also the new offer from the Italian capital is still too low. With Gyrano Kerk, Eintracht has a replacement in view. In Bielefeld , Kostic refused the team training and was then painted from the squad for the Bundesliga game against the Arminia.

If this efficiency is missing and also Robert Lewandowski fails at the opposing keeper, other elements are in demand in the game. It has suggested that not everything is running. Already in Fürth (3: 1) or against Kiev (5: 0) there were moments that did not like the coach. The 1: 2 against Frankfurt "had some parallels," he says, "The opponent had situations that we did not optimally resolve."

thwarted, they were often thanks to the incredibly attentive manual new manuel, which fetched far outside of his penalty area Balls and once again presented themselves as class Libero. "That's why we worked the game against Frankfurt again," explains Nagelsmann. Not emotionally to open wounds, but purely in terms of content, because it's "always the same" things to watch.

Eintracht Frankfurt - E-mail whirl around Filip Kostic frustrated Lazio boss: "This is now history"

 Eintracht Frankfurt - E-mail whirl around Filip Kostic frustrated Lazio boss: Filip Kostic wanted to change to Lazio Rome, now he has to stay with Eintracht Frankfurt. The reasons are quite curious. giant vortex around the burst of the Serbian National Player Filip Kostic (28) from Eintracht Frankfurt to Lazio Rome: According to a report from Italy, the Hessen should have deliberately prevented the transfer.

five players faster than 35 km / h: Attention before Leverkusens Sprinter

What exactly is it? "For positions in possession," says the 34-year-old. Especially in offensive football. Since the base is placed if you get correct with ball loss to get the ball back back to the oppressive as soon as possible. "The activity in his own possession automatically influences the activity with ball loss," says Nagelsmann Formula: "If you have a good activity level with ball, you will be so good that you will get the ball quickly."

and that's especially important to the fast leverkusen extremely important. Because the team of Gerardo Seoane "is very counter-threatening," says the Bayern coach, it has "extremely a lot of speed on the outer defense positions", also "five players running over 35 km / h is not so slow". And he also knows that FC Bayern often got problems when the rearmost, often long-reached chain was overpassed with interface passages or chip balls and the central defenders were forced into one-counter-one running duel.

To reduce this danger, "the remaining defense will be very important," says Nagelsmann. In demand, the midfielder - on the wing as in the headquarters are already in demand. You are responsible for the counterpressing beginning early enough. The quadrile chain is only the last member in the prevention tactics in this case.

The game in Leverkusen will in any case be an exam and show whether the team has drawn the teachings from the Frankfurt defeat. A win - and the Munich autumn radiates again. Another defeat, however, would have a few first gray clouds.

Cheap Flieger Ryanair gives base in Frankfurt on .
After five years, Europe's largest low-cost airlines Ryanair's back up its base on Frankfurt Airport. © Andreas Arnold / DPA Ryanair returns to Frankfurt Airport as a basis. The five-stationed aircraft should be redistributed to cost-effective airports on 31 March this year, the Irish company announced on Friday. As an example, Nuremberg was called where two planes should be stationed again. flights canceled All flights from 31 March were canceled as Ryanair continued to tell.

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