Auto Shows: Beds of Closed Hospitals for lack of staff: doctors denounce a "dramatic" situation in pediatrics

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The winter epidemic of bronchiolite coupled with the closures of beds makes the situation particularly delicate in the pediatric services of hospitals, according to the collective inter- hospitals that claims reinforcements.

  Lits d'hôpitaux fermés faute de personnel : des médecins dénoncent une situation © Provided by FranceInfo

Currently, nurses, doctors or caregivers are missing from the call due to dovels, or sick leave . 20% of the beds at the hospital are also closed for lack of staff according to the figures of the scientific council unveiled Thursday, October 27. In addition to these difficulties, the saturation of pediatric services due to the winter epidemic of bronchiolite which began earlier than usual this year. Several health professionals gathered in the Inter-Hospital Collective want to denounce their working conditions.

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The situation is "dramatic" according to Oaneez Ackermann, pediatrician hepatologist at the Kremlin-Bicêtre hospital in Val-de-Marne. "We were forced to close eight beds at the beginning of the summer and then two additional beds at the end of September or the pediatric hepatology department," says the doctor.

"In this month of October we have not been able to welcome five children in vital emergency, either for a sharp acute hepatitis or for the brutal aggravation of a chronic liver disease, which was a transplant. any time."

Oaneez Ackermann, Pediatrician Hepatologist at the Kremlin-Bicetre Hospital

in FranceInfo

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on the number of beds currently closed, the Ministry of Health and Professor Isabelle Desguerre, Neuropeditre at Necker Hospital in Paris are not of OK. "To date, 20% of the beds needed are closed in pediatrics," says the doctor. "This figure of 20%, our guardians will haveten to challenge it. It's a national sport. I think it's reality. The problem is not whether it's 19% or 20%, The problem is to know that it goes wrong. "

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Your Browser does not support this video Professor Stéphane Dauger, Head of the pediatric resuscitation service at the Hospital Robert Debré in Paris, believes that the quality of care is degraded everywhere in France. "It affects all the territory," says the teacher. "In 2019, we heard 'that's a history of Parisians, of Parisian professors', but it is exhausting and annoying to hear that permanently. All services are concerned everything is engorged and patients can no longer be supported according to the standard minimum. "

"we do not even do what we learn about our students, that is, what our students see is not at all what they are explained in the way of taking charge of children. "

Pr Stéphane Dauger, Head of Pediatric Resanimation at Robert Debre

Hospital in FranceInfo

All members of the Inter-Hospital Collective claim emergency reinforcements in pediatric services, mainly nurses.

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