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Auto Shows: Hair Color Trend: All love these oran tones for the autumn

bags are now worn on hands: About the trend for the fall 2021

 bags are now worn on hands: About the trend for the fall 2021 The most important things in life must be kept necessarily - that does not just apply to love, but also for fashion, bags, for example. Because they accompany us in every situation and equip them with the right utensils for everyday life. In the fall of 2021, pockets show trends that are practically worn on hands. Some labels, including Fendi and Acne Studios, showed bags with this gesture as a kind of statement - accessories are not unimportant after all and can complete a look.

in the fall, many of their hair color like to fit the golden season and rely on luminous colors. Especially these four beautiful oran tones are popular

Haarfarbentrend: Alle lieben diese Orangetöne für den Herbst GETTYIMAGES © Gettyimages Hair color trend: all love these oran tones for autumn gettyimages

Whether monochrome, in the form of highlights or ombré: oranes are a popular choice for the hair in the fall for many women. On the one hand, they reflect outstandingly the color variety of the golden season, but also ensure a brave and exciting look at the same time. From bright orange-red to copper, the selection of different orange poses is big - but which are particularly popular in the autumn months? These are mainly these four beautiful tones:

Autumn Trend: The time of ankle boots is far from over! The stars make it before

 Autumn Trend: The time of ankle boots is far from over! The stars make it before © Getty Images Autumn Trend: The time of ankle boots is far from over! Getty Images Boots should be nice at today: the shoes have a medium-high shaft, come in coarse material and at best have a really fat profile sole. The classic Ankle Boots , which are kept very subtly and ranges to the ankles, but seem to have been almost displaced. Actually a pity, they were considered a timeless all-rounder for the fall.


orange-red is strong, intense and possesses how the name reveals a light red stitch. Especially with a bright complexion this color is very nice and brings the mane wonderfully to the rays with his mix of red and orange-shimmering strands.

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This hair color not only ensures some something in the fall, but also guarantees a real WoW effect. Luminous orange is combined with gold blond highlights and gives its wearer with a glamorous occurrence in the NU.


copper-colored hair is ideal for anyone who likes to have something natural in the cooler months. Because the orange ton sticks to the eye, but is far not as intense as orange-red or luminous orange.

Luminous Orange

This hair color is perfect color for all bold. It is strong, bright and a real eye-catcher. If you want to dare for some time with a big hair change, you are guaranteed to be correct at this nuance.

hairstyle trend: So we carry the hair in winter 2021 - the styling is so easy .
scrunchies remain in winter 2021 our favorite hair accessory. The pretty hair ties finally exist in a variety of designs and can thus be styled for every occasion and to each outfit. Whether the cotton scrunchie with flowers for everyday life or from velvet to the business look, scrunchies may not be missing in the hairstyle trends of the season. We find the trend hairstyle made of Scrunchie and an deep DUTT . That looks super elegant and is still easy to style.

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