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United Kingdom: disturbing Shortage of road drivers

 United Kingdom: disturbing Shortage of road drivers © Reuters - John Sibley Trucking truck in the Trans-Manche port in Dover, in the south-east of England, January 15, 2021 (image of illustration). The United Kingdom is concerned about a shortage of road drivers. First, a consequence of the Pandemic of Covid-19, which pushed some foreign drivers to return to their country. But also Brexit, which complicates the arrival of non-British workers in the course. As a result, some food products are missed in fast food chains.

Amérique le grand retour , Le Figaro Voyage automne-hiver 2021-2022, 7,90 €. © Figaro America The Big Return, Figaro Voyage Fall-Winter 2021-2022, 7,90 €.

On The Road Again ... The editorial of Benedicte Menu, editor-in-chief.

"Geography model our state of mind", wrote Douglas Kennedy, in preamble of a literary travel book published in Le Figaro Magazine, in the summer of 2011 ... with an area of ​​nearly 10 million kilometers Squares, in this immensity which, Arctic confines of Alaska with California Giant Sequoia forests, is only defined in superlative, could America escape the madness of grandeur? For Kennedy, one thing is certain, it's on the road, the one where Kerouac places life, that the soul of the United States has forged and to go for it.

Günther and then guests at AVD Magazine

 Günther and then guests at AVD Magazine Sport1 completes the motorsport weekend as usual with the AVD Motor & Sport Magazine. Among other things, Maximilian Günther and Christian Danner are a guest. © Provided by Günther and then guest in the AVD Magazine in Formula 1 goes the thrilling title duel into the next round. At the Grand Prix of Italy in Monza (Sunday from 3 pm in the LiveTicker) , Max is now stapping again the hunted, which wants to defend his tight guidance against pursuer Lewis Hamilton.

of its JEEP road trip, an epic crossing of the Atlantic to the Pacific, from its Maine House to the Bay of San Francisco, the most European author of the American authors had thus shot a great portrait of his country. Without a beam, without self-loading either, recalling that "beyond its manifestations of Chauvinism and ignorance, it responds to these stupidities with brilliance, inventiveness and a happily ferocious humor; As such, we are a much more capable society to ironize on itself and to practice satire as most Europeans think.

  «Amérique, le grand retour» : le nouveau numéro du magazine Figaro Voyage © Figaro

America is so. Paradoxical. Capable of the best as the worst. Symbol of freedom in his infinite horizons, of an unparalleled energy in the verticality of his megapolles, at the same time inspiring and exasperating. A fantasy land that should not be fooled, but whose essence is engaged in those who take the time to explore it.

The Acura Integra will return in 2022

  The Acura Integra will return in 2022 Acura's compact coupe is making a comeback -- for real this time.No, I'm not pranking you. The Integra is coming back, and I'm stoked. The drones first showed the original 1986 Integra's shape -- complete with pop-up headlights -- before morphing into the new model's sleek silhouette. The name Integra was prominently displayed with flashing and moving lights, before the number "2022" also lit up in the sky. And then the crowd cheered, obviously.

After 18 long months of closure, America finally reopens its borders to travelers adding to the map of the possible 52 states. Where to start ? Alabama, on the civil rights route? An exciting museum, the Africatown Heritage House, will open in the spring near mobile, retracing the epic of the 110 African captives arriving aboard the Clotilda , the last known American slavish ship. Florida to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Kingdom of Mickey? And why not the vermont, become in a few years the most "green" state of the country? At the editor of the Figaro Travel, The preparation of this special file has generated many passionate debates. It was necessary to decide and reserve these discoveries with future publications. This country is too vast to be summarized in one hundred pages.

and then, everyone his American dream.

Summary of this Special United States Los Angeles: New Perspectives South: Nashville to New Orleans Texas Music: Western Story in Austin in Marfa New York: Portraits of a Legend Urban + Our Selection of Addresses Experiments: 15 Folies Made In America Living Room: The Most Beautiful Star Nights From Denver to Miami: Our New Readers Portrait: Mark Maggori, French Herald of the Western Art roadtrip: our most beautiful spots on the pacific coast portfolio: The American national parks in majesty traveling to the usa: formalities, tips and tips

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trends, hotels, dating .. . Our favorites throughout the world destination in view: Saudi Arabia in immersion: in Quebec At the Innu Cruise: Peru, the Amazon Confidential Voyager tomorrow: The revenge of the night train Trend: Sightrunning , Run To See Seaside, Wellness, Family: Our Good Picoches Seaside: Our Summer Austral Wellness: Aging can wait in tribe: Our winter cocoons in France City Guide: Four Urban Counter-Current Walks Planning: Inspiring News from the Journey 2021

Local elections in Senegal: A national test vote .
© AFP - Michele Cattani A man votes in Dakar during the presidential election of 24 February 2019 (image of illustration). Last day of the campaign this Friday 21 January 2022 in Senegal before the municipal and departmental elections of Sunday. Nearly 6.7 million voters are called to the polls. This is the first ballot since the re-election of President Macky Sall in February 2019. It is also the first since the deadly riots of March 2021.

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