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Auto Shows: hairstyle trend: So we carry the hair in winter 2021 - the styling is so easy

"Copper Cream Hair": The new trend hair color is the perfect change for autumn

 "Copper Cream Hair" is the trend hair color in autumn 2021 © Getty Images & The trend hair color "Copper Cream Hair" for the Fall 2021 However, is not any copper tone, but a mixture of very bright copper, caramel and some gold blond. It seems extremely natural, almost creamy and gives thanks to individual shades luminous reflexes. & "Copper Cream Hair": Who is this trend hair color? Often we see copper tones especially to people with pale skin and bright eyes.

scrunchies remain in winter 2021 our favorite hair accessory. The pretty hair ties finally exist in a variety of designs and can thus be styled for every occasion and to each outfit. Whether the cotton scrunchie with flowers for everyday life or from velvet to the business look, scrunchies may not be missing in the hairstyle trends of the season. We find the trend hairstyle made of Scrunchie and an deep DUTT . That looks super elegant and is still easy to style.

Frisuren-Trend: So einfach stylen wir unsere Haare im Winter 2021 Getty Images © Getty Images Hairstyles Trend: So simply we style our hair in winter 2021 Getty Images Hairstyles Trend for the Winter 2021: We now wear our hair as Low Bun

How to realize that a hairstyle becomes trend? Well by meeting us everywhere. On the streets, in magazines and of course on Instagram. Yes, even the fashion professionals have long discovered the low bun as a hairstyle trend for themselves and carry it with silk cloth or clasp in the hair, sleek or casual. No matter how to stylize him, the Dutt looks stylish and elegant at the same time. Above all, the combination of Scrunchie and Dutt can work super lonely or totally casual, depending on the choice of the hair rubber choice. We show you how you simply stylst your hair with the hairstyle trend .

Classic Hairstyles Trend Time differently: This is the perfect BOB hairstyle in autumn 2021 from

 Classic Hairstyles Trend Time differently: This is the perfect BOB hairstyle in autumn 2021 from a beautiful sleek bob hairstyle just counts to our favorite hairstyles. The Bob is simply uncomplicated, but at the same time he always works modern. That's why we are also happy about our current discovery that we made on London Fashion Week. Because Topmodel Sam Rollinson carries the hairstyle trend with fresh upgrade. We reveal how the perfect BOB hairstyle must look like in autumn 2021.

Low Bun + Scrunchie: This is how you succeed the styling of the hair step by step hair preparation: For the deep dutt there are several ways. Either you put on the trend hairstyle on the S Leek Look or to decide for the Messy Bun. For the former you give after washing a conditioner for smooth hair in the lengths, lets him act and then wash it completely again. Combs your hair well afterwards. For the Messy Bun you can give some saltwater spray into the lengths.

2. possibly hair smoothing: If you have decided for the Sleek Bun, you have to smooth your hair in the next step. Add generously heat protection to the hair and let it dry completely. Then put your hair into individual strands and then start strand for strand with smooth . Thus, you give the trend hairstyle an extra elegant touch.

Hairstyles Trend: This Fashion Week Look by Xenia Adonts Let's take a look for everyday life

 Hairstyles Trend: This Fashion Week Look by Xenia Adonts Let's take a look for everyday life We know it all: The alarm rings Vieeeel too early, it's pocket dark, there is still a cold. We look in the mirror and - even that - where there is actually a hairstyle, the strands are in all directions. A classic Bad Hair Day . Our go-to-hairstyle for days on which the hair just does not sit: the ponytail . And Influencin Xenia Adonts now provides us with their look from Fashion Week the perfect Inspo as the ponytail looks particularly stylish.

3. Dutt Stylen: now draw a center sweets. Then you take your hair together in the neck and fix it with a thin hair rubber. Then you take the lengths and turn around the hair rubber until you only have the tips of your hair in your hand. Fix the DUTT with BobbyPins. If you want to create an Messy Look , now spout a few strands from the Dutt. If you have opted for the Sleek Style, you give the hairstyle trend with the help of Haargel the finishing touch.

4. Integrate Scrunchie: Last but not least, you just have to choose a scrunchie and tie it around your Dutt. Leather scrunchies fit especially well to casual looks, while velvet hair ties can be combined into elegant styles. Scrunchies with print give your look something playful. If you have opted for a hair rubber with loop , make sure that it is up. Either way, the low bun with scrunchie is a hairstyle trend that radiates elegance and at the same time casualness.

Trend Hairstyle Mixie: So short hair 2022 must look to be Hip .
© Instagram / Alyssainthecity Trend Hairstyle: Short hair will be cut 2022 as mixie Instagram / Alyssainthecity is a league, a teeth, a Jagulep or But a leopon? What reads at first glance, like the fantasy trespords of a toddler are actually real biological names for large cat hybride, so mixtures between lion, tiger, leopard and Jaguar. But not only in cat intersections is in terms of naming creativity. Juggling and mixing of names and terms has also established itself at hairstyle trends .

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