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Auto Shows: Bumblebee (W9): Why is the yellow robot is the coolest transformers?

Blitztor and Flying captains: HSV wins hot Northern Desby

 Blitztor and Flying captains: HSV wins hot Northern Desby The Hamburger SV has decided the first Nordderby in the 2nd Bundesliga against Werder Bremen with 2: 0 for themselves. The focus of an extremely heated match was also referee Sascha Stegemann. © Imago Images / Eibner Cheers after 80 seconds: The Hamburg SV builds the gate through Robert Glatzel.

Bumblebee (W9) : pourquoi le robot jaune est le plus cool des Transformers ? © SIPA Bumblebee (W9): Why is the yellow robot is the coolest transformers? In the transformers saga, and in its spin-of, bumblebee is a separate character. Funny, friendly, and piliriner, here is the coolest giant robots.

And if you had a robot at your side? Certainly, more and more advanced inventions are already part of our daily lives. But it is on the side of the fiction that we still find the craziest machines. Some are somewhat disturbing, to obviously start with the Terminator, born of the overflowing imagination of James Cameron . A character in its own right, at the origin of a vast Saga . Other Androids appear much more friendly. We believe, of course, those of the Star Wars, C3PO, R2D2 or the most recent, BB-8, universe, which attack the lust of fans . We still, in animated version, to Wall-E and Baymax, the all-round hero imagined by Disney . But in terms of robot, difficult to do better, and more imposing, than transformers.

2024 Chevy Camaro 'Collector's Edition' could be end of the line

  2024 Chevy Camaro 'Collector's Edition' could be end of the line 2024 Chevy Camaro 'Collector's Edition' could be end of the lineMuscle Cars & Trucks couldn't let shots like that go unanswered. The outlet checked its sources and discovered there's truth to the matter, hearing that product planners are working on a package that could be called "Collector's Edition" for the end of the Camaro run. It will follow the footsteps of lightly modded special edition Camaros found throughout the coupe's 54-year lifespan so far, like the 1984 Olympian Edition and the 2010 Transformers Edition. Rumor says there'll be "unique badging, accents, bodywork, and some stripes.

Transformers , an explosive saga

Transformers, these are first toys, which have made fury from the 80s. Then all these modular characters at wish have become cinema heroes. A first superproduction released in 2007 under the senior management of Michael Bay, Specialist of massive destruction at Hollywood . Then a whole saga, which multiplies the action sequences and the actresses sublimated by the camera of the American director . With a le'tmotiv that seems to apply to each movie: ever stronger, always crazy. And it works, as evidenced the delusional disguise imagined by children to pay tribute to their favorite hero.

Bumblebee, the coolest transformers

among all these gleaming giants, it is one that is particularly endearing. If some can be attracted by the benefit and the martial tone of optimus premium, the leader of the autobots, or by the dark side embodied by Megatron, the leader of the bad decepticons, it is another character who collects the majority of the votes . A smaller transformers, to the living yellow color: bumblebee. Already, our robot with an adorable name, obviously related to the tone of its bodywork: Bumblebee means "Bourdon" in English. Then he takes vintage and ultra cool tunes when he adopts the shape of a car: a Chevrolet Camaro in the official saga, and a cracking ladybug in bumblebee , the spin-of retro released in 2018 . Moreover, it is probably not a coincidence that the first, and unique for the moment, film derived from Transformers be devoted to our yellow hero and not to another of his congeners. Finally, Bee, his nickname, is both brave and very funny. His first meetings with Sam, the hero of the official Saga, and Charlie, the young protagonist of Spin-of , show his pamperer side. In short, Bumblebee, it's the nicest transformers!

Bad Hair Day? Make a BaseCap Day out! The 3 coolest trend hairstyles with shield cap .
The history of the basecaps ranges back to the year 1894. The name of the headgear comes from the sport of the same name, baseball , where the players * inside the cap as protection in front of the sun carried. At that time, however, in something other form. Baseball players usually carried straw hats, only the players' inside of the New York Yankees had already stiff caps . They were called "Hemispherical Hats" and were quasi the pioneers of today's basecaps.

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