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Auto Shows: Bochum wants to continue upward trend in Leverkusen

bags are now worn on hands: About the trend for the fall 2021

 bags are now worn on hands: About the trend for the fall 2021 The most important things in life must be kept necessarily - that does not just apply to love, but also for fashion, bags, for example. Because they accompany us in every situation and equip them with the right utensils for everyday life. In the fall of 2021, pockets show trends that are practically worn on hands. Some labels, including Fendi and Acne Studios, showed bags with this gesture as a kind of statement - accessories are not unimportant after all and can complete a look.

Bundesliga returnee VfL Bochum wants to continue his sporty upward trend in away games.

Bochum will Aufwärtstrend auch in Leverkusen fortsetzen © Provided by Bochum wants to continue upward trend in Leverkusen

Bundesliga returnee VFL Bochum wants to continue its sporty upward trend in away games. "We have played away almost only with top teams, partly we paid a lot of apprenticeship. But I see a development," said coach Thomas rice before the game on Saturday (15.30 pm / Sky) at Bayer Leverkusen: "Of course that's back Great caliber, but we want to take something to do. "

The VFL has recently recovered three out of four games in the Football Bundesliga and discontinued as a spreadsheet of the descent zone. The Westphalia has so far only spotted the finalist Spvgg Greuther Fürth (1: 0), in the remaining five games, there were partly significant defeats.

in Leverkusen wants rice to self-conscious and actively see his team. "We want to have pace again and be courageous," he said. The Coach Midfielder Milos Pantovic had a place in the Startelf, which had become the 2-0 against the TSG Hoffenheim as a Joker with a gate and a template to the matchwinner: "He has last rewarded and is of course a starting option. "

The Influencer * inside already carry: The jeans of H & M, which will be 2022 fashion trend .
you would have to find a movie figure as a counterpart to our favorite jeans , then it would certainly be a * e superhero * in . Because both are always on the spot when you need them. They have one or the other superpower (extra long legs conjure up, for example) and make the world a bit better. No wonder so that the Jeans still counts to the most popular garments and each season new cuts and washes kick on the screen.

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