Auto Shows: Amandine Petit: His revelations on his plans after Miss France

Henry against deacon, Gauvin chose his camp

 Henry against deacon, Gauvin chose his camp The attacker of Everton has positioned himself in the duel which opposes Amandine Henry and Corinne deacon. © Provided by Football 365 Corinne deacon works on his list always Snobee by Corinne deacon for the beginning of the playoffs of the World 2023, Amandine Henry could console himself by noting that his side is always at the top in the game FIFA 22 . But everyone is not on Henry's side in this bisbille.

Amandine Petit : ses révélations sur ses projets après Miss France © Bestimage Amandine Petit: His revelations on his projects after Miss France Amandine Petit, Miss France 2021, will give his crown on December 11 next. And if the queen of beauty keeps wonderful memories of this last year, another chapter just as interesting awaits her after. She revealed the contours during an interview with leisure telephones.

Amandine Little lives at the end of a dream: In a few days, she will have to make her scarf and crown at one of the twenty-nine allegations in the Miss France 2021 election. All this beautiful world flew on the island of the meeting for the contest preparation, and the sublime Normande plays the role of great sister, providing advice and tricks to better live this period. "I'll be there for them, to answer their questions. As soon as we arrived at the hotel, I gave them my room number and I told them 'come to bother when you want'!", Has she entrusted to our colleagues of leisure , making against bad fortune good heart. Because, December 11 will sound the knell of his fairy tale but also the beginning of a new adventure. And the queen of beauty to ideas behind the head. An experience on the positive waves

Jean-Paul Belmondo Jealoux: The revelations of his ex, Carlos Sotto Mayor, on how he watched her

 Jean-Paul Belmondo Jealoux: The revelations of his ex, Carlos Sotto Mayor, on how he watched her © VILLARD / SIPA Jean-Paul Belmondo Jealoux: The revelations of his ex, Carlos Sotto Mayor, on the way He was watching her Carlos Sotto Mayor and Jean-Paul Belmondo lived a love story that lasted seven years. In a book to appear, the Hispano-Portuguese singer tells his memories of his ex-companion, and balances on his jealousy, as reported by the Sunday newspaper. A disappearance that has deleted the world of cinema. On September 6th, Jean-Paul Belmondo was reverence at the age of 88 years.

because, before seeing his destiny tilt during a Vendée evening last December, Amandine Petit was destined for a nursing life. She had even undertaken studies for, with the aim of accessing

as director of an health facility. But, the opportunities offered by his status of Miss have been there, and the one who defends the beak and nails the contest would be made to make extras in the media.

"I would like to do radio. During the health crisis, I held a daily chronicle on Virgin Radio", reveals in the same talk one who loved this experience and intends to continue on this path. But, no question of abandoning his initial project. "I intend to go back to school in September 2022" , adds the protégé of Sylvie Tellier, who will run two rabbits at a time. Unless she spoke of radiology, highly useful for managing an EHPAD.

Archive 81 Season 2: a sequence possible? First revelations of the creative .
a few days after it postpone on the platform, the archive season 1 81 is already classified in the top 10 netflix. A deserved success for this amazing horrifying series, which could come back next year with a season 2. The designer has entrusted it, she already has a follow-up ideas for Dan and Melody.

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