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Auto Shows: Trend Alert! These hairstyles can now cut themselves

Classic Hairstyles Trend Time differently: This is the perfect BOB hairstyle in autumn 2021 from

 Classic Hairstyles Trend Time differently: This is the perfect BOB hairstyle in autumn 2021 from a beautiful sleek bob hairstyle just counts to our favorite hairstyles. The Bob is simply uncomplicated, but at the same time he always works modern. That's why we are also happy about our current discovery that we made on London Fashion Week. Because Topmodel Sam Rollinson carries the hairstyle trend with fresh upgrade. We reveal how the perfect BOB hairstyle must look like in autumn 2021.

Französinnen und ihr Stil! Wir kommen ins Schwärmen. Vor allem bei den neuen Trend-Frisuren, die sich French Girls jetzt schneiden lassen © Instagram / Sabinasocol

French and your style! We get into raptures. Especially with the new trend hairstyles that french girls cut now

The best thing about the trend hairstyles of the French is your Simplicity! They love it simple and unsee, perfectly so if you do not feel like having to rest for 30 minutes in the morning with hair dryer, straight iron or curling iron in the hand in the bathroom. The best weapons against Bad Hair Days are at the French girl's dry shampoo and hair band and thus very simple tools that help hair back to more style.

If you want to look at a bit of a sais Quoi on the head and want to take it the French, we would have here five hairstyles for you, which are absolutely in the trend.

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  2023 Land Rover Discovery Metropolitan Edition Rises Above the Disco Range If you’ve been keeping up with the latest on our MotorTrend SUV of the Year competition, then you know the Land Rover Discovery put up a good fight. The Disco came back for another shot at the prestigious SUV award, this time with a midcycle refresh and a more powerful engine. Unlike 2018, though, the luxury three-row merely placed on this year's contender list and did not make the finalists round. A new flagship model being introduced by Land Rover might not have changed that outcome, but it is nice-lookin'.

These 5 trend hairstyles can now be cutting out trend hairstyles of the Frenchfriends: 1. The French Shag

a hairstyle that looks super good, even if you have zero time, is the 70s in the year 2021 shag . The hairstyle trend is characterized by its many steps, which especially miss all with slightly wavy hair a great volume. Particularly nonchalant the hairstyle acts if you, like Sabina Socol, has an overlong Pony . You can style that or, if he should nerve nerve, delete easily from the face from the face. If your hair does not want, like you, you can give some sea salt spray into the lengths.

Hairstyles Trends of French: 2. The Jane Birkin-Style

is Jane Birkin Britin and no Frenchwoman, but she is repeatedly linked to the French Style. Her hairstyling also inspires many French people until today. So it is not surprising that Content Creators like Julie Sergent Ferreri adapted him for themselves. The hairstyle trend is characterized by over-long hair, which rang until or over the chest. In addition, a long fringe , which falls casually in the face and is just down to her eyes. Styling can help a Föhnbrush, which dries your lengths and gives them volume and form at the same time.

of the Hairstyles Trend around Curtain Bang's is the perfect solution for all who tend to be after subtle change

 of the Hairstyles Trend around Curtain Bang's is the perfect solution for all who tend to be after subtle change The wet-cold autumn season is often exactly the time in which changes are considered. The change of the seasons often brings things to question things - such as the own hairstyle. The relationship with the Hair is generally a very special. If the hairstyle changes, the idea of ​​who wants to be. For which hairstyle trend one should not decide too much in such a situation? For the pony.

Hairstyles Trends of the French: 3. The French Bowl Cut

Who has no desire for long hair, may find in the classic Topffrisur - as she wears Loïcka Grâce - his new favorite cut. The hairstyle, which can accurately worn, Messy, requires courage, but is rewarded with a signature styling, which does not wear every * r. Even with light waves or curls, the hairstyle trend looks stylish. If the necessary volume is missing, you give dry shampoo as magical booster extra abundance.

Hairstyles Trends of French: 4. The French Bob

The popularity of the Bob is unbroken, even with the French, the hairstyle trend is still up to date. Like Tiziana di Marcelli, International Education Director at the UK-VIP Hairstylist Trevor Sorbie, who betrayed our colleagues of Who What Wear, the French Bob is cut like the classic Bob, but the edges are not sharply, but slightly rounded off. This makes the Cut suitable for both smooth, wavy and curly hair. "The cut alone will take you a lot of work at styling, if you are looking for a little more variety, you can put the hair behind the ears and paint the tips up with a styling tool upwards." To protect the hair from drying out , always apply a heat protection beforehand.

Hairstyles Trends of French: 5. The Accurate Praise

Caroline Lesgang wears her blond hair as a praise, the accurate was cut to a length. So you fall the tips on the shoulders and make top under a typical Beret. If you want to bring a little more momentum into the trend hairstyle, you can easily screw in the front strands using a smoothing iron and thus provide subtle, big waves. Something Blair Waldorf -Feeling you get when you wear the hairstyle trend with a wide hairband or your hair at the back of your head with a silk foulard.

The Influencer * inside already carry: The jeans of H & M, which will be 2022 fashion trend .
you would have to find a movie figure as a counterpart to our favorite jeans , then it would certainly be a * e superhero * in . Because both are always on the spot when you need them. They have one or the other superpower (extra long legs conjure up, for example) and make the world a bit better. No wonder so that the Jeans still counts to the most popular garments and each season new cuts and washes kick on the screen.

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