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 used first harmonics: Bochum overtakes Frankfurt The VfL Bochum celebrated the second victory in a row. The climber won earned 2-0 against Eintracht Frankfurt and overtook the Hesse in the table. For the SGE, nothing ran together in the first passage. © imago images / rhr photo early: The VfL Bochum builds the 1-0 by Danny Blum (re.). Riemann holds penalty - Paciencia and Jakic injured that is probably called a happy knob.

After five years, Europe's largest low-cost airlines Ryanair's back up its base on Frankfurt Airport.

Ryanair gibt den Frankfurter Flughafen als Basis wieder auf. © Andreas Arnold / DPA Ryanair returns to Frankfurt Airport as a basis.

The five-stationed aircraft should be redistributed to cost-effective airports on 31 March this year, the Irish company announced on Friday. As an example, Nuremberg was called where two planes should be stationed again.

flights canceled

All flights from 31 March were canceled as Ryanair continued to tell. Passengers with already booked tickets would be notified in the coming days and received refunds. On Friday, flights after the date had been displayed on the Ryanair booking app. For the Frankfurt Crews, Ryanair offers alternative jobs in its strongly growing Europe network.

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as the reason for the retreat, the company called the highest German airport at the turn of the year. "Instead of giving Ryanair an incentive to stay and grow, Frankfurt has decided to distribute traffic and jobs through an increase in airport charges," it says in the message. The Federal Government proposed Ryanair Manager Jason McGuiness, with the billions of aid for Lufthansa distorted competition.

incentive program expired

Video: Ryanair provides flight operations at Frankfurt Airport (Glomex)

Ryanair had first come to the largest German airport in the 2017 summer airport schedule, which wanted to build its offer of low-priced Europe flights as an international turnstile. Ryanair benefited from an incentive program of the FRAPORT operator with lowered air fees for new providers at the site. These incentives have expired for Ryanair according to a Fraport spokesman in 2020.

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The airport operator rejected the criticism of Irish as unjustified. With an approved price increase by 4.3 percent, one lies very low in the European comparison of the hubs, a spokesman said. According to data from the branch service OAG, Ryanair in Frankfurt had an average market share of around 3 percent.

The MDAX Group Fraport launched by the state of Hesse and the city of Frankfurt must now be intensified by the utilization of the nearly finished gate G, which is explicitly tailored to the needs of direct flight providers such as Ryanair. Because of the Corona crisis, however, an opening was already provided together with the entire terminal 3 in 2026. After completion, Fraport wants to initially take the plot G in the first half of 2022 in the "dormant operation".

The "Frankfurter General Zeitung" said the airline chief Eddie Wilson that a return to Frankfurt is only conceivable if Fraport Low-Cost companies consistently support. Whether you start the commitment to the Hunsrück Airport Hahn again, depends on the development of the insolvent airport. There Ryanair had founded his first German basis in 1999 and marketed as "Frankfurt-Hahn".

forecast changed

The actually high-profile Ryanair has reduced its forecast for the current fiscal year because of the continuous corona crisis. The company now calculates with a shortfall for the financial year at the end of March 2022 from € 250 million to 450 million euros after the airline was last from a minus of 100 to 200 million euros. At the passenger volume, the Group now expects less than 100 million passengers instead of more than 100 million.

Ryanair boss soon expects higher ticket prices .
Ryanair boss Michael O'Leary counts that flying could be more expensive again in summer than before outbreaking the Corona Pandemic. "I think the prices will be the same up or higher than before Covid," he said at a conference of European airlines in Brussels. © patrick pleul / dpa central picture / dpa air travel could be more expensive in summer, awaits Ryanair boss Michael O'Leary.

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