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Auto Shows: low-budget tourer in used check - Motorcycle podcast curve discussion Episode 25

Harley-Davidson Defies Expectations and Supply Chain Woes

  Harley-Davidson Defies Expectations and Supply Chain Woes The market likes the direction the motorcycle maker is heading.Topping the year-ago quarter's performance was an achievement because last year was such a strong one after dealerships reopened following the pandemic lockdowns. Yet sales remain below 2019 and supply chain issues are a problem that could snarl the motorcycle market.

For small money on big tour - with this task, the motorcycle used experts of the editors have searched the network. Welcome to a series of used consultancy podcast.

  Low-Budget-Tourer im Gebrauchtcheck - MOTORRAD-Podcast Kurvendiskussion Folge 25 © Jacek Bilski

Whether as a second motorcycle for tours or as an entry-level bike: Already 3,000 euros are enough for a wide selection of modern, already with ABS equipped machines. The motorcycle editors Thorsten Dentges and Ferdinand Heinrich-Steige met with well-tried recommendations such as Suzuki Bandit 1250 or Honda CB 1000 F, but also the BMW ratios unexpectedly favorable F 800 pcs. As quite gravel affine travel editors, you also recommend cheap travel enduros such as the BMW F 650 GS or Suzuki V-Strom 650, which are for manageable budget true universal talents and do not even back in front of light terrain.

Motorcycle Monday: Keanu Reeves’ Motorcycle Collection

  Motorcycle Monday: Keanu Reeves’ Motorcycle Collection It might not be huge, but the man knows what he likes to ride… By now you probably know actor Keanu Reeves is not only a badass, he’s really into motorcycles. The man is co-founder of ARCH Motorcycle, a company poised to redefine American performance cruisers. He reportedly rides often and the man owns a nice little collection of motorcycles.Check out Ryan Reynolds’ motorcycle collection here.But first a fun little fact: Reeves didn’t grow up riding. He didn’t learn how until he was shooting a film in Munich in the late 80s.

Feedback on used advice podcast

How do you like the used advice to hear? Should we in future recommend supervisors, cruiser or travel enduros in a similar form? Send us feedback to: [email protected] ?

About the Podcast Series Curb Discussion:

Curving discussion, these are benzene talks at the motorcycle stem table, with editors and testers. It's about current models, trends, screwdriver philosophy and everything else moves us. And also about one or the other anecdote from the editorial life, which does not read it in the booklet. How do you like the podcast? Listen in and tell us your opinion. Just send us an e-mail to [email protected] .

Motorcycle Monday: Fake 1948 Indian Chief .
Did a famous YouTuber get taken on a vintage motorcycle deal? One of the bigger motorcycle YouTubers out there is Bikes and Beards’ Sean Kerr. As the owner of SRK Cycles, which is in a period of transition at the moment, Sean has access to the kinds of bikes many people dream of riding, let alone owning. Plenty of people, myself included, were thoroughly entertained when Sean not only purchased a janky 1948 Indian Chief but got it running and rode the thing home. If you remember, I featured the odyssey for the February 7 Motorcycle Monday and people seemed to really enjoy it.

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