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also 2022 Schuh Trend again: So Loafers are now styled

 also 2022 Schuh Trend again: So Loafers are now styled New Year, new trends? Not always. Of course there are trends that appear on the screen at the beginning of the year (keyword Two-Tone Jeans or Slouchy Trousers ). But there are also trends that we have learned in the last year so that we just have to take them in the year 2022. © Imaxtree Shoe Trend: So we carry Loafers 2022 Imaxtree Loafers , for example, are a shoe trend that we can not think of the fashion world.

Trend 2022: Taschen in Knallfarben sind im Frühling in Mode imaxtree © Imaxtree Trend 2022: Bags in bright colors are in spring in fashion Imaxtree

in a well-known German folk song from the 20th century: "Now the Lenz wants to greet us , From noon it blows! Sprout from all meadows, the flowers red and blue. "

in the Spring 2022 does not just sprout from the meadows and fields, but also from our wardrobe. Better: from the shelf with the handbags . Because instead of simple pockets in black, brown or beige, we now put on trends in bright colors . The worries as fashion trend not only for an optical eye-catcher, but also instant for an good-mood booster .

Trend 2022: Bags in bright colors are in spring in fashion

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Gudget fashion trend for spring 2022: Now Retro knit comes in the 70s look

 Gudget fashion trend for spring 2022: Now Retro knit comes in the 70s look Good restaurant owners know: If you want to hold small children while waiting for the food in mood , you need table sets for coloring and completely Many colorful painting pins. Good fashion retailers have similar strategies. To fashion fans the season change (and thus the time until short clothes can finally be worn again) to sweeten , do not put on Mandalas and Co., but they are also in the Spring 2022 also the power of Gudget color use. Which fashion trend comes out? We show that here.

Best of: Colorful Bags is available in all sorts of sizes , shapes, styles - and just for each budget . It is available from yellow, orange over red to blue and green for each of the right trend in your own favorite color.

We have now discovered one of our colorful spring favorites at the label FURLA . The new handbag model carries the appropriate name " Bloom Bag " (in German: "Blossom Bag") and is made of a paper-like tissue.

The form of the fashion trend is a folding and foldable box , which is closed with a rotatable sheet metal logo. In addition to the bright colored color, the removable carrying chain ensures an eye-catcher.

This is not only in synthetic resin , but is also colored on the respective color of the handbag - which increases the bright look of the trend and compared to conventional chain pharmases with metal finish for an casual and sporty Touch causes. Because the limbs of the chain are also quite large, the pocket trend looks quite clean and minimalist. An effect supported by the Puristic Rectangular Form .

This can be the above-colored handbag in the spring 2022 Super Versatile Combined . Numerous influencers on Instagram make it before and show that the pocket trend looks great both to Cleanen and playful outfits. Especially awesome: the stylish rupture made of cool, brightly bastion bag and send, restrained suit in beige, as Korlan Madi wears.

Spring messenger: These clothes trends we shop in spring 2022 at H & M, Arket, Cos & Co. .
of the spring 2022 is there and this year we want to fully live our freedom - Corona measures have been largely lifted. Nevertheless, of course, caution and consideration are still offered. Rather, we think of a fashionable escapism, which now brings us to revel. And what could help us better than a new clothes trend? Nothing! So we chose the most beautiful clothes trends of H & M, arket, cos and ether stories for shopping for you.

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