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Auto Shows: Ukraine: Washington depicts a poorly informed poutine and cold with its Staff

Russia Museum The opposition: 11,000 anti-war protesters imprisoned since February 24

 Russia Museum The opposition: 11,000 anti-war protesters imprisoned since February 24 The Russian police stopped at least 2,500 people who went down the streets of about fifty cities to protest against the war in Ukraine. View on euronews © Vladimir Tretyakov / copyright 2022 The Associated Press. All Rights Reserved At least 2,500 people were arrested this Sunday in Russia for protested as against the war in Ukraine. Just in Moscow, the police arrested 560 people.

  Ukraine: Washington dépeint un Poutine mal informé et en froid avec son état-major © Sputnik / AFP

L E President Russian Vladimir Putin is poorly informed of the course of the war in Ukraine , and its relations with His own staff have degraded, assured Wednesday the White House, on the Faith as American intelligence.

"We have information that Putin believes that the Russian army misleaded it, which caused a persistent tension between it and its staff," said the Director of the Executive Communication Wednesday. American, Kate Bedingfield, during a routine briefing.

"One of the Achilles' heels of autocracies is that in these systems, there is no one who tells the truth to power in place, or who has the opportunity to do it. And I think it's A phenomenon that we now see in Russia ", commented on the US Secretary of State Antony Blinken, traveling to Algeria .

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"We believe that Putin is badly informed (...) on the bad performances of the Russian army and the severity of the impact of sanctions on the Russian economy because its high advisers are afraid to tell him the truth "Stayed Kate Bedingfield again, confirming information given earlier by a US official under anonymity.

Video: Vladimir Putin is determined to continue the offensive against Ukraine "without compromise" (Dailymotion)

"Putin did not even know that his army recruited and lost conscripts in Ukraine, which demonstrates a clear break. In the reliable information flow from Russian President, "said this manager.

The White House disseminates this information on the background of questions about the relationship between Russian President and his Defense Minister Sergei Choïgou.

The latter made a public appearance on Saturday after two weeks of absence, which had given rise to all kinds of speculation, including the minister's health.

This media absence had all the more surprised that Sergei Choïgou is usually a familiar face of television screens.

It is also considered a close to Russian President. Vladimir Putin and regularly put themselves on stage in stays in the Siberian Taiga, at the wheel of all-terrain vehicles, drinking tea or picking fungi.

30/03/2022 22:44:12 - Washington ( AFP ) - © 2022 AFP

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on the occasion of Walpurgisnacht wanted the Entertainer and DJ Vladimir Kaminer on April 30 celebrating his infamous Russendisko in the BKA theater at Mehringdamm 34. But because of the Ukraine war he has changed his plans, wrote Wladimir Kaminer on Facebook. He now renamed Russendisko in Ukrainedisko and collect donations for Ukraine. © Provided by Berliner Zeitung The Entertainer wrote on Facebook: " 34 years BKA: Vladimir Kaminers Ukrainedisko. Dance into May.

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