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Auto Shows: COVID-19: the grumble rides in Shanghai against the containment

Tesla share predominantly fertilizer: Tesla with record numbers in China

 Tesla share predominantly fertilizer: Tesla with record numbers in China For the Electroautobauer Tesla, the transactions in China were apparently outstanding in December. © Provided by ASIF Hassan / AFP / Getty Images • Tesla with strong december sales • Monatskord reaches • Strong competition in the region data of the China Passenger Car Association (CPCA) has the US Group, the US Group has Tesla in December 70.847 vehicles manufactured in China sold - more than ever before in a month, since the production started in the factory in Shanghai 2019.

  Covid-19: la grogne monte à Shanghai face au confinement © AFP

D Es Shanghaia expressed on Friday their frustration vis-à-vis access to the food and the growing containment of the Chinese metropolis, which confronts its Worst epidemic flamboy since the beginning of the pandemic.

To avoid general confinement of Shanghai, the authorities had decided to put alternately under bell two parts of the city to test its 25 million inhabitants.

East of the metropolis (Pudong) was totally confined since Monday for four days. From this Friday, it was Western Tour (Puxi) for the same duration.

Gold, large areas of Pudong, where is the main international airport of the city and the emblematic skyscrapers of its business district, have remained confined due to the discovery of positive cases.

This is the most populous city in the world: more than 37 million people live there in 2022

 This is the most populous city in the world: more than 37 million people live there in 2022 Tokyo, Delhi, Shanghai ... Which city is home to the most humans in the world? Overview of the population of the planet Earth, according to the data of the Census Bureau, the UN and the Bank ... More than 7.8 billion human beings inhabit the land, according to the demographic data provided by the Census Bureau, American Census Agency. A number that continues to grow, since the first publication of its international database, in 1996.

"It is in fact a general confinement of the city," a user of the Weibo social network. "Many streets and residential complexes of Pudong are always confined," he says.

The Town Hall has published Thursday evening a containment exit plan, which includes prolongations of confines in the event of a positive case discovery.

The announcement at the beginning of the week of the confines had provoked an influx of consumers in supermarkets.

Other concern now: even the application applications of fresh home products have difficulty following demand, which obviously exploded with the millions of confined Shanghailans.

"The number of deliverers is limited. So I get up every morning at 7am to queue online on my application," explains to the AFP Sun Jian, a 29-year-old Shanghaian confined to Puxi.

Mélenchon, a Turtle in Turbo mode?

 Mélenchon, a Turtle in Turbo mode? © Copyright 2022, the obs we can lift the arms in heaven or rejoice, grumble or make the V of the victory, Jean-Luc Mélenchon is giving spice to this morose campaign and, in same time, endless. Sacred Merche, what a fishing, what punch! An energy of young first he deployed place of the republic, in Paris, in front of an enthusiastic and reassured crowd. The left is not dead? She moves again? Better, she shakes the political coconut tree with rare obstinacy.

"Before containment, I had bought full of food in high-end supermarkets. They had stock, but it's expensive," she said, judging the "badly managed" containment.

confronted with the grumbling, a senior official of the town hall, my Chunlei, conceded Thursday that the preparations were "insufficient".

The Ministry of Health announced Friday more than 7,200 new positive cases throughout the country.

If these figures are low compared to many other countries, they are high for the China where the authorities apply a Zero Covid strategy, which aims to prevent the appearance of new cases.

It consists of several measures: confines, visas attributed to the gout gate, quarantine on arrival on the territory or tracing movement via mobile applications.

01/04/2022 11:20:08 - Shanghai (AFP) - © 2022 AFP

card. COVID-19: 146 426 new cases on Wednesday, the point by department .
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