Auto Shows: Downward trend speeds up: Gasolar price falls again under two Euro

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The E10 variety cost 1,987 Euro in the nationwide daily average of Sunday. Even with diesel, the decline continued.

Die Spritpreise geben in Deutschland nach. © Photo: Frank Augstein / ap / dpa The fuel prices give in Germany.

The decline in the fuel prices takes up again and has pushed superbin under two euros per liter. The E10 variety cost 1.987 euros in the nationwide daily average of Sunday, as the ADAC announced on Monday.

On Saturday, the two-euro brand had been undercut between the Ukraine war for the first time since the all-time high. Even with diesel, the decline continued. On Sunday, a liter of fuel cost 2,045 euros.

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The downward trend has accelerated again. Since Monday past week Super E10 has become 7.7 cents per liter, diesel even by 12.8 cents. "The competition works, it goes in the right direction, in the direction of normal size," said it was from the ADAC: However, there is further great scope for price reductions: "The price for E10 should definitely be below 1.90."

The Fuel prices had never reached in the first weeks of Ukraine war

. In the meantime, diesel cost 2,321 euros per liter according to ADAC in the nationwide daily average. E10 hit with 2.203 euros to book. Since then, there was a good piece downhill again, but one liter of diesel is still 38.2 cents more expensive than before the beginning of the war, E10 by 23.7 cents. (dpa) x1

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