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Auto Shows: World Climate IPCC calls for emission trend towards the preservation of "life worth" Earth

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to prevent a global climate catastrophe, humanity remain a few years, according to a new report of the World Climate IPCC. The worldwide greenhouse gas emissions must reach its peak before 2025, it is said in the IPCC progress report on measures against global warming, which was published on Monday in Geneva. UN Secretary-General António Gutres and environmental activists threw governments and companies simply to "lies" about the extent of climate damage they cause.

Zum Erhalt einer © Nilmar Situation To maintain a "liveable" earth, according to the world climate IPCC, humanity has only three years time to reverse the trend of greenhouse gas emissions. The worldwide greenhouse gas emissions must reach its highlight before 2025, it is said in the IPCC progress report.

Even if the global greenhouse gas emissions reached its climax before 2025 and "immediate action" would be taken, a global warming was to be feared by two degrees, it says in the approximately 2800 pages long report. The Paris Climate Agreement provides that global warming is significantly lower than two degrees, but as much as possible 1.5 degrees compared to the pre-industrial age to keep devastating consequences as small as possible sea level and increasing heat waves as low as possible.

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Stay with the current global climate protection commitments, but the 1.5-degree goal of the Paris Climate Agreement "out of reach", the reporting authors warn. "We are at a walking distance," explained IPCC boss Hoesung Lee. "The decisions we meet now can secure a livable future."

With the promotion of climate-friendly consumption in energy and other goods and services, governments could reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 40 to 70 percent by 2050. This is a "significant unused potential", explained the co-chairman of the competent IPCC working group, Priyadarshi Shukla.

Particularly strong in the duty, the global climate here sees the richest ten percent of households, which are responsible for 36 to 45 percent of greenhouse gas emissions. As a decisive factor for climate change, the reporting authors call the use of fossil fuels. By 2050, the use of coal must be completely adjusted and reduced by oil and natural gas by 60 or 70 percent compared to 2019, the IPCC experts.

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The published findings are the results of the working group III of the IPCC, which deals with measures to curb global warming. In order to formulate the formulations in the Summary of the third reporting part for political decision-makers, the 195 Member States of the IPCC had harder since 21 March. Therefore, the virtual advice took more than 48 hours longer than originally planned, the presentation of the report had to be postponed by several hours.

UN Secretary-General GUORTRES threw the great greenhouse gas issuer, so far presented a "catalog of empty promises". "Some governments and managers of companies say one and do the other," said Gutres in New York. "To put it simply: you lie."

"The costs of non-action are much higher than fast and effective measures against the grounding heat and against fossil dependence," the WWF warned. The climate Alliance Germany from around 140 German organizations demanded a "sprint on the farewell of coal, oil and gas". The Federal Government must use its G7 presidency for a commitment of the leading industrialized countries to a coal exit until 2030 and a departure of oil and gas until 2035.

the climate officer in the Foreign Office, Jennifer Morgan, acknowledged a "special responsibility" of the industrialized countries and promised to use an ambitious climate policy of the G7 states. The Vice-President of the EU Commission, Frans Timmermans, admitted with a view to the development of greenhouse gas emissions, "that we have to reverse, and that's fast".

Many environmental activists highlighted the relationship between the global dependence on fossil energy sources and the war in Ukraine. "The money that we've been embarrassed to invest it in dirty energy, now flies in the form of bombs across our heads," said the Ukraine coordinator of the Climate Action Network (CAN), Olha Boiko.


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