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Auto Shows: Reportage: With investigators and NGOs on the trail of Russian war crimes

Report: Government examines Bosch because of parts in Russian military vehicles

 Report: Government examines Bosch because of parts in Russian military vehicles The Federal Government examines a media report according to possible violations of the Technology Group Bosch against a Russia export ban. The company has already initiated exams. © Picture-Alliance / DPA / s. Kahnert Provided by Deutsche Wave The Federal Office for Economics and Export Control (BAFA) Prepare a procedure, reported the magazine Mirror on Friday.

In addition to clearing, dozens of people collect around kyiv evidence for war crimes investigations that started. View on Euronews

Sur le terrain avec les ONG qui enquêtent sur les crimes de guerre présumés de la Russie © Euronews on the ground with NGOs that investigate the alleged war crimes of Russia

with the backdrop of bombed residential buildings and ruins mountains in Borodyanka, a city in the region of kyiv, dozens of rescuers work 24 hours a day to clean what's left of this city. But, in addition to cleaning, they also collect evidence for war crimes investigations that started.

Yurii Cehniuk, Head of the Special Operations Unit, Ukrainian State Emergency Service: "During the bombing of the city, 250 and 500 kg aviation bombs were used, prohibited fragmentation bombs Who covered the area (and those we destroyed on site) and the "Grad" rocket launch systems bombarded the surrounding localities ".

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The Ukrainian authorities are now supported by international teams in these investigations. For many, there is no doubt about what happened and happens in many cities across the country.

Yurii Cehniuk continues: "Of course, it is a crime of war. They are homes where civilians lived and at the time of bombing, no unity of the armed forces was there. No soldier was present. They bombed a peaceful city, including with prohibited fragmentation bombs that were dropped directly on this square, on the city center. "

Non-governmental organizations , such as Truth Hounds , also work on the ground. Their members want to stay discreet for security reasons. But they explain how they work.

We also have testimonials on civilian executions "Casanova" member of the NGO "Truth Hounds"

"Casanova", member of NGO Truth Hounds: "We interviewed people, including relatives were Prisoners, so-called "prisoners" who have suffered torture and abuse. We also have testimonials on civilian executions. "

The evidence collected, classified as confidential, are then cataloged and sent to the national and international authorities. "Casanova", a member of NGO Truth Hounds: "The evidence in the form of testimonies are given to the Office of the Attorney General of Ukraine, with whom we collaborate. The data is also provided to the international investigation institutions. But that makes Since 2014 that we have collaborated with the International Criminal Court. "

In the days following the invasion, the ICC opened a survey for war crimes after 39 countries supported the demand for Ukraine.

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