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in the collection The Library of Esotericism, Taschen publishes a monograph devoted to magicians and magicians from the 15th to the 21st century, rich and diversified iconography.

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of the engravings of the 15th century, in Blake, Goya, Fusli, finished, or Kuzmina ... A very large number of artists were passionate about the occult. This is the subject of witchcraft, a monograph dedicated to wizards and witches. Chapter by themes (initiation, invocation, elements, etc.), the book with fascinating iconography is commented and legend from a historical and artistic point of view.


Object of terror and fascination, witchcraft has been the object of speculation, mysteries, horror ... and masterpieces of painting. It deserved a book. Under the beautiful illustrated golden binding of the famous Circé Invidiosa by John William Waterhouse, parade hundreds of reproductions that make up the painting of an infernal mythology.

Witches, dominant in number (70%) compared to sorcerers (30%), are either bewitching beauty, or old, hugs, with hooked nose and verolled skin. It is always the woman who is stigmatized, systematically malignant (the "lady meschine" of the Middle Ages), burned alive by the clerics, then the judges. Does the Inquisition (12th-18th century) constitute a genocide against women?

Visual Capernaum

It is not for nothing that neo-feminists qualify as "witches" today. Their symbolism nourishes the recurring patterns that the eras update according to their dominant aesthetics: nudity, brooms, cauldron, sabbaths, pentacles, devils ... In the Middle Ages, witchcraft is not a belief, it is real. It is represented realistically until Goya who will introduce a dreamlike dimension. On his steps, symbolism, surrealism, abstraction, up to pop art, then photo, cinema, fashion and rock will update the subject.

History and artistic, witchcraft is woven with noise and fury. A shambles which, from sound, becomes visual. It is to this "Pinacotèque" that the work invites by bewitching the eye and the mind, in full-pages with remarkable reproductions. According to the genesis, in his fall, Satan took with him an emerald, symbol of knowledge. Sorcery is one of the reflections on a subject here valued from the angle of art history.

"Witchcraft", C Ollective. Editions Taschen. connected, half-relief, 17 x 24 cm, 520 pages. 30 €.

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