Auto Shows: Collective bargaining for Lufthansa flooring staff continued

Purchase power: Measures to facilitate profit -sharing in business have been voted

 Purchase power: Measures to facilitate profit -sharing in business have been voted © Andrey Gonchar/Adobe Stock Purchase power: Measures to facilitate profit -sharing in business have been voted The National Assembly A voted for the facilitation of business profit -sharing devices. The Minister of Labor Olivier Dussopt praised a mechanism of "simplification" and "facilitation" for "sharing value".

After the nationwide warning strike of the Lufthansa floor staff, the Verdi union and the company are talking to each other again. Accompanied by protests by some employees, the delegations met on Wednesday at Frankfurt Airport for the third round of the collective bargaining.

Teilnehmer der Kundgebung auf dem Weg zu den Verhandlungen. Die Gewerkschaft Verdi fordert 9,5 Prozent mehr Geld für rund 20.000 Beschäftigte der Lufthansa am Boden. © Hannes P. Albert/dpa Participant in the rally on the way to the negotiations. The Verdi union demands 9.5 percent more money for around 20,000 Lufthansa employees on the ground.

The parties took two days to agree on the salaries and working conditions for around 20,000 employees. In the event of a non-agreement, the Verdi negotiator Christine Behle has already threatened to travel to the main travel. She demanded that Lufthansa provide a final offer.

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graduation this week?

Lufthansa Human Resources Director Michael Niggemann strives for a quick conclusion this week, according to an internally common interview. He expressed understanding of the strong displeasure in the workforce: «Instead of slowly starting again, our employees are largely confronted with extreme operational stress. That leads too much frustration. It is all the more important to look ahead. And then it counts that together with ver.di as a social partner in the interest of our employees: reach an agreement inside. »

Video: Lufthansa floor staff on Wednesday (GLOMEX)

Verdi had left more than 1000 Lufthansa flights and thus almost the entire flight program last Wednesday. Around 134,000 passengers had to change their plans, several passengers stranded on the turnstile.

Aviation: Lufthansa floor staff is on strike on Wednesday-offered "at the front and behind not"

 Aviation: Lufthansa floor staff is on strike on Wednesday-offered © provided by Handelsblatt A first tariff offer from Lufthansa had rejected Verdi. Photo: Dpadata portal copyright = shortly before the next round of negotiations in early August Verdi increases the pressure. Passengers have to prepare for flight cancellations and delays. The all -clear kept briefly. As soon as the Frankfurt airport operator Fraport had reported ordered processes on the first major holiday weekend in Hesse, Rhineland-Palatinate and Saarland, a strike day announced.

The union requires salary increases of 9.5 percent with a term of twelve months, but at least 350 euros a month, which would result in higher increases in the lower salary groups. In addition, the minimum hours of wages should increase to at least 13 euros and later have a tackled distance from the statutory minimum wage. This will increase to 12 euros on October 1 of this year.

exploratory talks with Association Cockpit

The group had offered a two -stage increase in basic remuneration by 250 euros with a term of 18 months. This would result in double -digit growth rates for remuneration groups up to 3000 euros gross, the company had calculated. In addition, there should be more money for all two percent from July 2023 if the group makes profits again. Verdi also rejects this coupling to the group result.

In parallel, Lufthansa conducts discussions with the Pilot Union Association Cockpit. Their members approved permanent strikes with a clear majority in a vote with a clear majority, but they were initially not proclaimed. Here Niggemann signaled the willingness to revive the perspective agreement previously terminated by the group. By the end of 2021, she guaranteed that 325 jets from Lufthansa and Lufthansa Cargo were reserved for the regular pilots.

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