Auto Shows: Dakota Johnson relies on this clothing trend in the summer of 2022, which is already available at ASOS for less than 100 euros for shopping

heat wave: After 55 years, what are the best dresses to favor when it is very hot?

 heat wave: After 55 years, what are the best dresses to favor when it is very hot? Your Browser DOES Not support this video Mercury only goes up and you no longer know how to dress? Our solution is the oversize dress! You don't know how to choose it? We tell you everything about the trendiest, elegant and light wide dresses to wear all summer, especially in the event of a heat wave. When it really makes too hot to dress , you quickly despair in front of the open doors of its wardrobe.

Dakota Johnson is relating to this clothing trend in summer - and we'll tell you where he can be upgraded cheaply

  Dakota Johnson setzt im Sommer 2022 auf DIESEN Kleidertrend, den es bei Asos schon für unter 100 Euro zum Nachshoppen gibt © Getty Images

Dakota Johnson shows that sometimes it doesn't need much to create a great summer look . The actress relies on a clothing trend that is simple, but also a statement and therefore not only like minimalists: inside , but also those who like it more striking. The main reason for this is the special look. Because Dakota Johnso n relies on a graded dress with which it was spotted in Boston, Massachusetts. The dark blue model of Xirena, a fire from Los Angeles, is incredibly minimalistic through the classic A-line, the spaghetti straps and the round neckline. In addition, the subtle design is decorated and upgraded by different layers of fabric, throwing small folds and acting as well as ruffles. This creates a light balloon effect that gives the dress an extra portion of momentum.

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 Hermès, Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Dior, Gucci ... Here is the auction of summer not to be missed Vintage fan? You will have to go this Thursday, July 21 in Monaco, more precisely at the Hermitage hotel where an exceptional auction is looming. Louis Vuitton , Dior , Gucci … Maison Artcurial Y highlights all the know-how of the biggest fashion houses through nearly 100 unpublished lots. On the program: a plethora of lusts of lust , like iconic bags such as the Birkin, Constance or Kelly models of Hermès but also collector's declination of the Timeless of Chanel .

& Dakota Johnson: This clothing trend is stylish and airy

Not only the optics are extremely appealing to this clothing trend , but also the fit. Because the spraying lightness and simple elegance and is extremely comfortable thanks to the falling cut. In addition, depending on the combination, the dress can be steered in a casual or more chic direction, which only proves: In summer dress à la Dakota Johnson , every occasion really fits. Not to forget that it is comfortable to wear due to the wide cut and of course nicely airy. This is also the reason why such clothes are an absolute must-have on hot days. The skin can breathe well, the material does not stick to the body and since they are long, the legs are also better protected from sunlight. But of course you shouldn't forget your cream with light protection factor!

Fixed: Why Rope Sandals In the summer of 2022 The shoe trend of the hour is

 Fixed: Why Rope Sandals In the summer of 2022 The shoe trend of the hour is the old-tried is the longest? In any case, this wisdom applies to the shoe trend of the hour. Because the principle on which so -called Rope Sandals build is actually an old one: the rope sandals were worn in the ancient times of Romans and Greeks and in the Middle Ages of monks. This means Sandals , which, in contrast to the classic Roman sandals, instead of leather straps with ropes made of braided fabric or natural materials such as bast, which are reminiscent of ship traffic jams.


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Fancy a summer dress in the style of Dakota Johnson? Here you can shop for the clothes trend for less than 100 euros:

We have found a suitable alternative to Dakota Johnson's summer dress for you at ASOS. The cool dress is also based on the trendy step style and is just as airy and relaxed. It even has a great floral Jacquard look that gives pure romance. The perfect piece for everyday office life, a picnic in the green or an evening summer party. Just a great all -rounder.

& 03082022-Dakota-Johnson-Kleidertrend-Sommer-Asos.jpg © PR 03082022-Dakota-Johnson-clothing-summer-asos.jpg

carrier dress from Jacquard from Topshop

73 EUR


to the shop

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