Auto Shows: Beautiful Beyoncé: The face cream of this German brand is its anti-aging secret-and beauty trend in the summer of 2022

fashion trend 2022: These 4 shoes are the best choice for Flared Jeans

 fashion trend 2022: These 4 shoes are the best choice for Flared Jeans The impact trousers are back in summer, there is no doubt. Because the pants exhibited, which became a fashion trend in the 1970s, is permanently present on both the catwalks as well as the Instagram accounts and the street. But which shoes fit the flared jeans in the summer of 2022? In the following we present 4 models that complete the Jeans trend .

we had to be patient for six years, but that has now come to an end: just published Beyoncé her new album " Renaissance ”and caused a good attention to fans, media and especially on social networks. The world star even had to change its text after criticism of a song.

Beyoncé-Golden Globes-2021 Getty Images © Getty Images Beyoncé-Golden Globes-2021 Getty New Music from Beyoncé: The singer is already youthful and radiant as ever for the publication of "Renaissance", which the 40-year-old not only unmatched Stylish , but also show as fresh and youthful as ever. "How does she do that?" One wonders at this sight. Fortunately, there is an answer.

Your radiant, wrinkled skin does not owe Beyoncé to a sinfully expensive luxury cream, but a product that costs less than 10 euros and comes from a German brand. Beauty trend 2022: Beyoncé loves this cream of a German brand-as well as Meghan Markle and Nicole Kidman do

Fixed: Why Rope Sandals In the summer of 2022 The shoe trend of the hour is

 Fixed: Why Rope Sandals In the summer of 2022 The shoe trend of the hour is the old-tried is the longest? In any case, this wisdom applies to the shoe trend of the hour. Because the principle on which so -called Rope Sandals build is actually an old one: the rope sandals were worn in the ancient times of Romans and Greeks and in the Middle Ages of monks. This means Sandals , which, in contrast to the classic Roman sandals, instead of leather straps with ropes made of braided fabric or natural materials such as bast, which are reminiscent of ship traffic jams.

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of the US edition of Elle has now revealed

Beyoncé that she has been familiar with a face cream that comes from a German brand for a long time. The 40-year-old mother of three children uses Eucerin's "Aquaphor Soothing Skin Balm". Every evening before going to bed, she applies a thick layer of moisture care - until her whole face is really greasy. In her life, too, not everything is glamor, revealed Beyoncé. By the way,

is not alone with its preference for the moisturizer from Eucerin.

Duchess Meghan also relies on the product. That was her make-up artist Daniel Martin Prize. He also revealed a second Beauty secret : The "Aquaphore Soothing Skin Balm" by Eucerin has a similar structure to Highlighter and can therefore also be used as such. It looks great in photos. Another fan of the face cream is Nicole Kidman . Eucerin's “Aquaphore Soothing Skin Balm” is also one of her favorite beauty products. For whom is the anti-aging cream that Beyoncé swears on?

The face cream that singer Beyoncé uses every evening is ideal, especially with

dry skin. Because the ingredients of the "Aquaphore Soothing Skin Balm" by Eucerin - Panthenol and Glycerin - contribute to wound healing and donations. The product is therefore also suitable for cracked skin. Panthenol quickly penetrates the skin and is converted into pantothenic acid, which activates the coenzyme, which is responsible for cell renewal. The glycerin also donates moisture and thus ensures a natural Glow like Beyoncé.

Dakota Johnson relies on this clothing trend in the summer of 2022, which is already available at ASOS for less than 100 euros for shopping .
Dakota Johnson is relating to this clothing trend in summer - and we'll tell you where he can be upgraded cheaply © Getty Images Dakota Johnson shows that sometimes it doesn't need much to create a great summer look . The actress relies on a clothing trend that is simple, but also a statement and therefore not only like minimalists: inside , but also those who like it more striking. The main reason for this is the special look.

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