Auto Shows: Strong wage plus for Lufthansa flooring staff

Purchase power: Measures to facilitate profit -sharing in business have been voted

 Purchase power: Measures to facilitate profit -sharing in business have been voted © Andrey Gonchar/Adobe Stock Purchase power: Measures to facilitate profit -sharing in business have been voted The National Assembly A voted for the facilitation of business profit -sharing devices. The Minister of Labor Olivier Dussopt praised a mechanism of "simplification" and "facilitation" for "sharing value".

The dispute over tariffs for Lufthansa floor staff is enclosed. Lufthansa and Union Verdi agreed on significantly higher fees for the approximately 20,000 employees and thus turned further strikes.

Check-In am Flughafen Münster/Osnabrück (Archivbild) © Christopher Neundorf/Kirchner-Me/Picture Alliance Check-in at Münster/Osnabrück Airport (archive picture)

A noticeable salary increases were agreed, the Lufthansa said after the third round of negotiations. "It was important to us to take the lower and medium-sized income groups into account disproportionately," said the Lufthansa board. A good result was achieved that means a significant increase across all groups of employees, it said by the Verdi union. The Group's Verdi tariff commission has already agreed to the negotiation result, which must now find a majority in a member survey.

Act on purchasing power: the promises of buried compromise?

 Act on purchasing power: the promises of buried compromise? © Xose Bouzas / Hans Lucas / Hans Lucas via AFP in the National Assembly, the debates continue on the bill purchasing power ... and drag in an electric atmosphere between the government and the opposition, which accuse each other of not being constructive. If Bruno Le Maire said "wanting the compromise" but "not with billions", the oppositions want to push the executive to let go. Monday in the National Assembly began The examination of the Bill on Purchasing Power .

tariff completion brings double-digit salary increases

at Germany's largest airline, this does not lead to a strike of the employees of check-in or in the handling of aircraft. A one-day strip had triggered more than 1,000 flight cancellations at the Lufthansa hubs Frankfurt am Main and Munich last week. And in the middle of the high season, the travelers already demanding a lot of patience due to disorders of the airport company due to lack of staff in Europe.

Verdi-Mitglieder am 27. Juli in Frankfurt beim Warnstreik der Lufthansa © Frank Rumpenhorst/dpa/picture Alliance Verdi members on July 27th in Frankfurt at the warning strike of the Lufthansa

Video: Lufthansa floor staff on Wednesday (GLOMEX)

The union currently has a strong negotiation position . A single amount and a percentage increase were agreed. The collective agreement with a term of 18 months provides for the approximately 20,000 employees of at least 325 euros per month plus a further increase of 2.5 percent, as both sides reported. According to Verdi, this results in between 13.6 and 18.4 percent for individual employees at check-in salary increases.

Start of the holidays - Frankfurt Airport without Chaos

 Start of the holidays - Frankfurt Airport without Chaos without the feared handling chaos started on Friday, many thousands of passengers started their summer vacation from Frankfurt Airport. © Boris Roessler/dpa Thousands of passengers are waiting for their check-in before the airport's handling switches.

Falls sich Lufthansa und Piloten nicht einigen, bleiben die Maschinen dann doch wieder am Boden © Patrick Pleul/dpa central picture/dpa/picture Alliance If Lufthansa and pilots do not agree, the machines will remain again on the ground collective bargaining with pilots The risk of a strike is not yet completely banned at Lufthansa . The

collective bargaining with the pilot union

Association Cockpit has recently stalled, so that the union members almost set the course for a strike last weekend, the group should not meet their demands. Qu/Bru (RTR, dpa)

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