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Aston Martin DBX707: What You Need to Know

  Aston Martin DBX707: What You Need to Know Aston Martin DBX707: What You Need to Know

before the beginning of the 60th season in the Bundesliga This Friday there are little changes in the standard interpretation. The biggest change is the game calendar anyway, which provides for an almost two-month break due to the World Cup in Qatar.

Die Bundesliga geht in ihre 60. Saison. © Tim Rehbein/dpa The Bundesliga goes into its 60th season.

The first section ends after the last game on match day 15 on November 13, 2022. On January 20, 2023, the league will again play the game on matchday 16. So far,

offside rule

has been lifted off if the ball was deliberately played by an opposing player. As a rule, it was said that the campaign had to be deliberately carried out by the defending player towards the ball. Now the Rule 11 was added to an addition: The action must be carried out "in a controlled way". The offside position is therefore only canceled if the defending player is unexcited and not in a duel and the defense campaign is not in “highest need”. In addition, the ball must clearly change the direction.

Problems with Magenta Sport! Panne at the start of the 3rd League

 Problems with Magenta Sport! Panne at the start of the 3rd League Germany - Finally (!) Again Football , many fans of third division clubs thought on Saturday. New season, new happiness - this applies to the clubs. But streaming providers Magenta Sport had to deal with well-known problems in the transfer on Saturday. © provided by Tag24 Dynamo Dresden was transferred to ARD regardless of the problems with Magenta against 1860 Munich.

Personal penalties

, for example, has received a goalkeeper who brought down an opponent with ball -oriented legs that ran towards him, according to the rule a yellow card and a penalty against his team. However, if the referee recognizes it to an advantage because the striker can still play the ball and the goal shoots, then both red card and the penalty are eliminated. The hit counts.

Transfer Closing

not entirely unimportant for the German clubs is the shift of the transfer from August 31 to September 1st. This adapted the end of the change period to the European top leagues, so that the clubs do not develop a disadvantage in the two highest German play classes.

POL Espargaro before return to KTM: "I have already signed contract" .
© Repsol Media The future of Pol Espargaro will also be officially announced The MotoGP exit from Suzuki has properly brought the transfer carousel into driving. Alex Rins is at LCR-Honda Fix for next year. And it is also an open secret in the paddock that Joan will dock me with the Honda work team and be the new teammate of Marc Marquez. But even during the long summer break there was no official confirmation from the team.

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