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INFO VOICI - Nathalie Marquay radieuse à la plage, elle retrouve enfin le sourire © Cyril Pecquenard / Kcs Press Info Here - Nathalie Marquay Radiant at the beach, she finally finds a smile five months after the death of her husband Jean -Pierre Pernaut, Nathalie Marquay finds a taste for life. This is evidenced by her recent trip to Pramousquier beach, Lavandou, where she had her habits with the journalist.

Raise the slope after the death of her husband Jean-Pierre Pernaut was difficult for Nathalie Marquay. On March 2, 2022, the date of The death of the former star presenter of TF1 , his world collapsed. Separated in spite of herself from The man she loved for over 25 years , Miss France 1987 has lost her bearings. But even if the disappearance of her dear and tender was devastating, it was out of the question for her to let herself be sink. Above all for the well being of its two children Lou and Tom , for whom life must unfortunately continue without their dad.

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only a few weeks After the funeral of Jean-Pierre PERNAUT , Nathalie Marquay was therefore back on the boards for the play Les Tontons Rarceurs, which is very successful everywhere in France. A difficult exercise for the former beauty queen, who had very difficult to contain her tears during the first performances, where she did not fail to pay tribute to her deceased husband. But after five months of mourning, the Rivale de Geneviève de Fontenay gradually finds a smile.

Which has given Nathalie Marquay

a smile even if her husband is no longer there by her side, Nathalie Marquay remains faithful to the traditions they have established together. Like every summer in the first two weeks of August, She therefore went to Lavandou , where the couple used to spend their holidays. On the Pramousquier beach, the former French ambassador appeared more radiant than ever. juggling between swimming and sunbathing on sand , she irradiated the places of her happiness.

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It must be said that according to his relatives, Nathalie Marquay is "much better than in the spring". "His play and the development of his new house made her a lot of good and we feel that she is a taste for life," says a member of his entourage. Happiness in its pure to discover in images in the columns of your magazine Here, in newsstands this Friday, August 5!

All the pictures of the trip to Nathalie Marquay beach can be found in your magazine Voic I, on kiosks this Friday, August 5.

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