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Fixed: Why Rope Sandals In the summer of 2022 The shoe trend of the hour is

 Fixed: Why Rope Sandals In the summer of 2022 The shoe trend of the hour is the old-tried is the longest? In any case, this wisdom applies to the shoe trend of the hour. Because the principle on which so -called Rope Sandals build is actually an old one: the rope sandals were worn in the ancient times of Romans and Greeks and in the Middle Ages of monks. This means Sandals , which, in contrast to the classic Roman sandals, instead of leather straps with ropes made of braided fabric or natural materials such as bast, which are reminiscent of ship traffic jams.

  Frühstückstrend: Unser Lieblings-Topping reiben wir jetzt aufs Avocadobrot © GettyImages avocado bread for breakfast-delicious! Exceptional topping makes our food hearts beat even faster. We show you what a cheese disc has to do with it.

You love avocado bread for breakfast and brunch as much as we do? Then you will look forward to this message: The classic avocad bread is now getting a completely new topping.

poached egg on the bread has long been a classic among breakfast fans. From now on we rub the egg on our avocado bread - and that is the absolute hit among the toppings.

This is how you rub the egg on the avocado brot

video: The avocado becomes a special feature (Kabel1)

avocado-egg bread: you need

4 slices bread of your choice

1 avocado 1 egg lemon juice to taste salt pepper

cheese disc

Avocadobrot Deluxe: Step by step peep the avocado and remove the core. Drizzle the pulp with a little lemon juice as desired. Cut the avocado either into slices and put them on the bread slices or dismantle the avocado in a bowl and then spread the mass onto the bread. Then season it with pepper and salt. Cook the egg off so that it gets hard. Take a cheese disc and rasple the hard -boiled egg as topping over the avocado bread.

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