Auto Shows: Steven Spielberg recounts his own childhood in "The Fabelmans", whom he presented in preview in Toronto

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the American director Steven Spielberg returns to his own childhood and youth in "The Fabelmans", that he came Present Saturday at the Toronto Film Festival in front of an enthusiastic audience.

  Steven Spielberg raconte sa propre enfance dans © supplied by Franceinfo

in its next feature film expected in France in January 2023, The Fabelmans, the American director Steven Spielberg, considered one of the greatest living directors in Hollywood, returns to his own childhood in Arizona, between Mésentent Parental and anti -Semitic bully. The filmmaker presented the film on Saturday September 10 in preview at the Toronto International Film Festival.

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Movies Are Dreams That You Never Forget #Thefabelmans Direct by Steven Spielberg.

Starring Michelle Williams, Paul Dano, Seth Rogen and Gabriel Labelle.

in Theaters Everywhere Thanksgiving.

- The Fabelmans (@thefabelmans) September 11, 2022

family secrets

This drama in adulthood explores the family secrets of a young man passionate cinema, Sammy Fabelman. Faced with an enthusiastic audience, Spielberg explained that she had wanted to make a very personal film for a long time but to have finally drawn his motivation from the "fear" aroused by the coronavirus pandemic.

"I just felt that if I had to leave something behind me, what did I really need to clarify and unpack about my mom and my dad and my sisters?", He said after the projection. "It was not now or never, but almost".

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He reproduced his films of youth

if the Fabelmans is only semi-autobiographical, the parallels with the life of Spielberg appear clearly. Like him, the Fabelman family moves from New Jersey to Arizona and then in California and Sammy falls in love with cinema, perfecting with the help of his friends and inventing techniques for the camera.

"I really used glue and saliva, trying to find out how to keep things together," he remembered. The film takes up a lot of amateur films that he had made as a teenager. "In this film I did all the things that are going behind the scenes much better than the 8 mm films that I filmed," he said. "It was a great recovery!".

BRIMADES Anti -Semitic

even if cinema is a source of comfort and escape for young Sammy, the film hides nothing of his problems at home, like the difficulties of her parents' marriage, embodied by Michelle Williams and Paul Dano .

He also shows the anti -Semitic bullying inflicted by two stalkers in his Californian high school. "Harassment is only a small aspect of my life. Anti-Semitism is an aspect of my life but in no way a dominant force in my life," he said. "It made me very, very aware of being an outsider while growing up."

This is not "My Swan song"

Spielberg also dismissed press information that this film would be its last. "Just because I decided to retire and this would be my swan song," he said, "do not believe any of this!".

The Toronto Film Festival, which started Thursday, September 8 and is due to end on Sunday September 18, is waiting for a string of stars, including Jennifer Lawrence, Jessica Chastain, Viola Davis, Sam Mendes and Nicolas Cage. X1X1

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