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buying: Driving an EV home for Christmas? Here are 4 tips to improve your journey

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 16 Christmas markets and a flying Santa Claus mulled wine, Christmas trees and dense crowds - the pre -Christmas period can be enjoyed again at the Hamburg Christmas markets this year without a corona -related restrictions. The city is usually distributed between the middle and the end of November, there will be Advent parades again, and the flying Santa Claus in front of the town hall will also return, as Hamburg Tourism announced in Hamburg on Tuesday.

Millions of us will be taking Chris Rea’s advice and ‘Driving Home for Christmas’ in the coming weeks, and as electric vehicles continue to rise in popularity, many will be making this trip in an EV for the first time.

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With that in mind, Osprey Charging, one of the largest nationwide networks of rapid electric vehicle charging points, has given us their top tips on how to have a cost-effective, safe, and sustainable electric drive home for Christmas.

1. Pre-heat your cabin

Most EVs come with an app that allows you to warm up and de-ice your car before you set foot outside of the house. This will also warm the car’s battery to a more efficient level, increasing your range for the journey ahead.

in Avignon, Santa Claus and the elves of the Deraïdenz company ready to wander for a large

 in Avignon, Santa Claus and the elves of the Deraïdenz company ready to wander for a large parade the magical parade of the giants of papier mache will parade in the streets of downtown the city of the Popes on Saturday December 3, 2022 at the end afternoon. © supplied by Franceinfo in Avignon, Christmas magic is already underway. Santa Claus and his elves embark young and old on fantastic and dreamlike wandering. The puppets produced by the Avignon theater company Deraïdenz will start on Saturday December 3, 2022 at 5.30 p.m. on Place des Corps Saints.

2. Modern EVs can go further and further, making long trips even easier…

Each year, advances in technology mean that EVs can drive even further, with the average EV now being able to drive over 200 miles without a top-up charge. Indeed, the mass-market Citroen C4X has a range of 265 miles, whilst the Mercedes EQS can go up to 395 miles.

This means that it’s much more likely that you will need to stop for a coffee and loo break before you will need to charge – and of course, the joy of an EV is that your car can charge while you are enjoying your pit stop.

Even though electric vehicle range has inomproved, it's important that you do plan to stop on your journey. Don't arrive at your destination with barely any charge left, because if the charger there isn't working you could end up being stuck.

When is the best time to buy a car?

  When is the best time to buy a car? Several factors go into the timing of a vehicle purchase. Here’s what to consider.The best time to buy a car is usually around the end of the year since salespeople will be trying to meet their quotas and may offer steep discounts. However, you should also consider holidays — like Black Friday —  and the beginning of the week.

3.  You can now relax about making that long journey home in an EV

With over 1,300 brand-new rapid chargepoints installed in 2022, there is now a nationwide network of over 6,000 public rapid chargepoints in the UK, meaning that it is now easier than ever to find a spot for a quick top-up on your journey.

For example, Osprey have chargers stationed all the way from the Cairngorms in Scotland to Cornwall in the south, and all of them offer contactless payment as an option. That means there is no need to pre-register for any accounts or apps, and you can get on your way with a simple tap of a card.

4. Plan for a shorter range in cold tempratures

EV batteries are at their most efficient when they are between 20-25 degrees, and cold weather can slow down charging times. In winter months low ambient temperatures can reduce the available range by 10-15% of its range.

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