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buying: NRW Country Government promises Digital Bürgeramt to the end of 2022

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Dusseldorf. Actually, administrative services are to be offered digitally by the end of 2022 nationwide. But NRW Minister of Economic Minister Andreas Pinkwart is skeptical, if that works. After all, in NRW, the town hall visit should soon be possible digitally from the sofa.

 NRW-Wirtschaftsminister Andreas Pinkwart sieht das Bundesland auf einem guten Weg bei der Digitalisierung. © Malte Krudewig NRW Minister of Economic Minister Andreas Pinkwart sees the state on a good way in digitization.

Andreas Pinkwart brought off statistics, sonic diagrams and timelines to show what has happened in NRW in the past four years in digitization. The NRW Economic Minister is satisfied: when expanding fast Internet, digital commercial registrations or the introduction of electronic files in the state government - NRW has made progress everywhere. But the FDP politician knows: "The citizen will say: There must be even more."

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The digitization of the administration is actually overdue in Germany. How big is the need, not least became clear during the Corona Pandemic. And actually, federal, countries and municipalities had also undertaken in the online access law to offer their administrative services via digital portals - from the application for child benefit to the examination of a building permit.

until the end of 2022 this should be possible. "The goal may not be endangered," says Pinkwart. In NRW, the digital currant will be completed by the end of the coming year. "The citizens should be able to access a variety of digital services of the administrations comfortably from the sofa from around the clock," says Pinkwart. These are only the new identity card and a corresponding app required. On the Internet, the Ministry for the citizens simultaneously wants to show clearly on a so-called dashboard, which cities in NRW already offer which services offer.

"Not required": criticism of the state government - why is not there a crisis staff?

 The flood after the heavy rain has devastated in NRW entire landlines , there are numerous deaths. The forces fight against one of the worst catastrophes of the state history. However, a crisis rod under the leadership of the state government was not set up. NRW Interior Minister Herbert Reul (CDU) has only convened a "coordination group". The leadership for the applications thus remains the responsibility of the five district governments.

NRW, that's the message, has made its homework. At the federal level, however, there is a catch on the Pinkwarts view. "We have to do after taxes," says the minister. And after the choice, it takes best a Digital Ministry at the federal level.

The balance of the minister is probably not happening in the general election campaign. After all, it is also about the role of the FDP after the election. And so the Pinkwart's conclusion can of course also read as a certificate of performance of the party for any government participation: If there is a Digital Ministry at the federal level after the election, it would be good from the perspective of the Liberals to put this in the hands of the FDP.

Video: Robert Habog: "confusing times" are after the election (spot-on-news)

Whether the federal minister then called pinkwart? Or does the economic professor seek a second term in NRW, where 2022 is chosen? The 61-year-old laughs, if one asks him: "I feel very well and I hope that I can continue working."

The road money money has NRW the note

 The road money money has NRW the note Dusseldorf / Berlin. The Federal Ministry of Transport has been led by the CSU for years. And for years it prefers the road construction Bavaria, while most other countries are pending at the back. This includes North Rhine-Westphalia. © Jens Büttner While road construction, NRW often has the review - in contrast to Bavaria.

What Pinkwart says: The state government has initiated many model projects and initiated changes. But in the next step, it has to succeed in bringing them into the area, so they "scaling" them.

The opposition therefore sees the balance of the minister less positive. The digital policy speaker of the Greens in the NRW Landtag, Matthi Bolte-Richter, for example, with a view of pink wart, for example, "a concrete right of concrete law, if his cabinet colleagues do not want to contribute to digitization". The "digital" is basically not much more than label surfs.

The start-up association NRWalley is basically satisfied with developments in digital policies, but also looks for improvement potential. Among other things, the association suggests the construction of a portal in the education area, which can retrieve digital education performances similar to an app store via the educational institutions. This would include the offers of start-ups more attractive for facilities, one is convinced because the otherwise necessary individual exams could be omitted.

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