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buying: Lincoln Zephyr revealed: What could've been for America

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Lincoln 's new luxury sedan is just for China and nowhere else. Sadly. Read more on: Genesis is quickly becoming a serious premium EV player as it reveals another electric car.

What America could ' ve received but never will. Lincoln has officially debuted the 2022 Zephyr at this year's Auto Guangzhou in China. Lincoln is aiming the Zephyr directly at Gen Z in this market with its slick interior design. The intelligent cockpit features digital displays and plenty of "human-centric" design details, such as natural surfacing for the console buttons. A ton of cool styling details can be found throughout the vehicle, like 128-color interior ambient lighting options, the brand's largest-ever Welcome Mat that illuminates on the ground, and headlights that smoothly light up as the driver

Feast your eyes on the new Lincoln Zephyr, or what we once knew as the MKZ. Don't get your hopes up for a US introduction, though, because I'll pop that balloon right now. The new Zephyr will be made in China and only sold in China, and that's a bummer because this car looks rather stunning from certain angles.

It's a pretty car, that's for sure. Lincoln © Provided by Roadshow It's a pretty car, that's for sure. Lincoln

Lincoln said the new Zephyr is a design distinctly focused on capturing's China's youth looking for a luxury car. The fresh look includes a super large grille, light bar and a prominent Lincoln badge smack-dab in the middle. The side profile is rather smooth before the rear tapers back into a fastback sort of look. The taillights also take on a light bar look, and if you're thinking there's some Audi styling cues in here, you're not alone. Nevertheless, it feels very Lincoln at the same time with an elegant, understated look.

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This is an interesting statement; Lincoln is targeting a clientele that, on our side of the Pacific, isn't typically found inside of one of its showrooms or seen behind the wheel of a sedan. To that end, the interior gains a tremendous amount of technology including a 12.3-inch digital instrument cluster and a 27-inch touchscreen that takes up Lincoln will begin selling the Zephyr on the Chinese market in the first quarter of 2022. The sedan will be built in China as well, which is a first that the company is proud of. And nothing suggests it will be sold outside of its home market — let alone in the United States.

This Zephyr could be a Continental replacement, or it could be an MKZ-size smaller sedan, but either way it's very unlikely to come to the United States. Lincoln is bringing back the historic Zephyr name for a new concept car specifically for the China market. While the luxury brand recently canceled its MKZ and We don't know many details about the Zephyr concept, so it's hard to know if it's sized like a replacement for the Continental or if it's a smaller entry similar to the now defunct Fusion-based MKZ. Its styling is reminiscent of what we' ve seen on the Aviator and Corsair SUVs and has a fastback-like

The cockpit basically transfers over from the Zephyr concept Lincoln previously showed in China, and that includes an end-to-end screen in front of the driver and passenger. It measures a whopping 27 inches and includes a digital gauge cluster for the driver. The screen supports numerous interactions, including multi-touch gestures. As for other tech, Lincoln's Co-Pilot 360 2.0, Sync Plus and the brand's version of BlueCruise, called ActiveGlide, is onboard. Four relaxation modes, scent diffusors and 128 options for mood lighting are just a few other touches for China's luxury car buying audience.

  Lincoln Zephyr revealed: What could've been for America © Lincoln

The powertrain, meanwhile, is pretty basic. Lincoln will plop a 2.0-liter inline-four engine into every Zephyr and marry it to an eight-speed automatic transmission. No hybrids, no electrification.

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If you’ ve been following Ford’s recent products for China, the interior of the Zephyr shouldn't be a big surprise for you. It features a dual-screen setup with a 12.3-inch screen instrument cluster and a massive 27-inch infotainment display covering not only the central section but also the area in front of the passenger seat. The infotainment system uses a Zephyr -exclusive Nebula software, while the steering wheel has touch-sensitive buttons. Lincoln will begin accepting orders for the new luxury sedan soon with prices varying between 255,000 yuan to 342,000 yuan, or ,906 to ,521 at the

Lincoln is no different, revealing the Zephyr Reflection at 2021 Auto Shanghai. It’s a sleek, modern concept that previews the production version that the company will debut later this year. The Zephyr Reflection sports a familiar Lincoln look, though it’s been thoroughly reworked to look wholly unique. The Lincoln badge at the front is prominent, sitting against a new grille with a starburst pattern that further accentuates the bold badge. It also sits framed between chrome strips that extend to the sleek headlights before blending into a bold body line over the front fender and down the side of the sedan.

Production of the new Zephyr will kick off early next year with the first cars ready for buyers in the first quarter of 2022. And in the meantime, I hope sedans come back in style here in the US.

Lincoln Zephyr returns with simple, pretty looks

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